Why start a blog on cover and parody songs?

The short answer is that I like them. I find them on YouTube. I stumble upon them on Facebook. I research them. I talk with people about them. The more I do those things, the more interested I get. I’m delighted by them and I want to share that with people.

The long answer starts with being an older sister. I grew up with a little sister. She’s annoying but she’s my best friend. Anyway, we both have a love of music but our musical tastes don’t always seem to mesh. We both like music that ranges from metal, to rap, to reggae, to pop, and beyond. Though there’s a lot of chance for crossover, it doesn’t mean it happens often. Thus, to avoid any hassle while driving anywhere, we would take turns controlling the AUX cord. Either you get to control the music, or you get to have the front seat. With the AUX cord, it’s a chance to show off new songs but also to hear the grumbling coming from the front seat. To be completely honest, both of us are guilty of this grumbling at one point or another. The main thing my sister complains about is the amount of covers I have on my phone. For certain songs, I have numerous covers. For other songs, I don’t even have the original. This is her main complaint as she generally prefers the originals to the covers.

Later, I knew that I wanted to start a blog and asked my baby sister what I should write about. She was really helpful and said that I could write about anything my heart desires. Since that didn’t narrow it down, I knew I wanted to write about something that I care about, that I find cool, that I spend time on anyway. Thus, covers seemed like a decent idea. The more I considered it, the more I realized that I could do it and enjoy it.

The simple answer to the long story is that I started a blog about covers and parodies because I wanted to share them with people. I want to write about songs that are unique because they aren’t the original.

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