Cover Artists: Leigh And Liam

Leigh and Liam are a fantastic duo for cover songs. Together as Mr. and Mrs. Trask, they make music that shares a common message, that “life is worth living, and love is worth trying.”

I mentioned them before in the blog post, Major and Minor Key covers, with their cover of Love yourself. It’s a gorgeous duet cover done in the minor key.

Leigh was born in Forest, Virginia, and Liam is from Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, they are based out of Nashville. Their influences include Radiohead, Muse, Civil Wars, The Bird & The Bee and Lorde. Beyond these influences, they bring forward their own classical, yet bluesy kind of sound.

They have two main sections or sessions of music; On the Moon Sessions and Living room Sessions.

“On The Moon Sessions are inspired by the whimsical nature of the world around us. These live(ish) videos seek to work with nature and man to highlight love in any environment — whether we be on the moon, under the sea, or in a tree.”

These showcase a few original songs of theirs. Check them out….



“Living Room Sessions are our homage to some of our favorite tunes. Come hang out on the couch with us!”

These are their main playlist of fantastic covers.




Tell me what you think below!
If you have any suggestions for cover artists in your area, let me know in the comments.


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