2020 In Hindsight and Music!

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Switching Styles is viewing 2020 in hindsight and music. At the time, 2016 was considered the worst year ever. And then things got worst. There have been many different international issues.


As pointed out by the Barcelona Center Of International Affairs, “2020 was a year of perplexity. The shock’s intensity and a lack of recent precedents of similar magnitude resulted in confusion, doubt, and poor problem-solving capacity. However, 2021 will be a year of action, of individual and collective decisions whose impact will stretch far beyond the year itself. 2021 will be a fork in the road, a critical juncture, a time of risks, but also of opportunities that may or may not be seized. When we reflect in ten years’ time, tracing the origin of the dynamics shaping interpersonal relations and international relations, it is likely that we will look for their origins in the crisis of 2020 and the decisions are taken in 2021.”

There are many different topics that musicians take on in their lyrics. Topical issues include Abortion, Same-sex marriage, minimum wage, universal basic income, AIDS research, international cooperation and conflict, the United States’ role in the world, the economic recovery, the environment, immigration, the urban agenda, and how to manage unrest.

Below we’ve highlighted a few issues to focus on.

Joe Biden Vs Donald Trump

Another polarizing and heated election was the one between Joe Biden and Donald Trump that resulted in Biden winning. The Barcelona center of international affairs explains that “Many would include the Trump factor in the list of vectors of destruction even beyond 2020, believing his four-year tenure has eroded democracy inside and outside the United States, as well as trust in institutions.”

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Biden Vs Trump Election Music

Covid-19 Pandemic

How could we forget the Covid-19 pandemic that’s still ongoing? This global pandemic completely changed the world. It changed the way the world works and the way that people see the world. Starting in Wuhan China in late 2019, it’s spread globally with a pandemic lasting year.

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Covid-19 Global Pandemic Music

“Coronavirus Rhapsody” By Dean Russell

“Lean On Me” By Artist Can

“The Quarantine Song” By Ray Stevens

The Killing of George Floyd and The BLM Movement

George Floyd was a forty-six-year-old American that was murdered by police officers during an arrest. He’s not alone. George Floyd wasn’t the only black American to be killed by the police including Trayvon MartinTamir Rice, and Breonna Taylor. His death and the death of many others sparked a revolutionary movement, the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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“Black Lives Matter” By Dax

“The Bigger Picture” By Lil Baby

“I Just Wanna Live” By Keedron Bryant

Political Music

This music brings in a lot of political content and commentary to the overall political climate. Musicians like Sam Cooke, Public Enemy, Neil Young, N.W.A, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, and Kendrick Lamar are known for the political messages in their music. It’s a common theme that continues to be relevant currently.

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Final Thoughts

There’s been so much going on in the past few years. It’s enough to make anyone and everyone feel drained. Hopefully, these musical works can help in processing 2020.

The Barcelona Center of International Affairs, explains more about the struggles that people across the globe are facing, “Uncertainty. A common term for describing the future, but 2021 will give it new meaning. The outbreak of the pandemic in 2019 has spread a feeling of vulnerability across the planet. It has changed our daily lives with a speed and intensity that has reminded us of the fragility of what we thought strong and the malleability of what we thought immutable. We are now much more aware of the immediacy and forcefulness with which unexpected changes can take hold. The pandemic has been a powerful reminder of the weaknesses of our warning systems and our lack of preparedness for handling future crises.”

One question will repeatedly arise throughout 2021: Is a return to the normal possible or even desirable? What are your thoughts? What does 2022 have in store for us?

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