Violin in a new light; Featuring Lindsey Stirling

“On stage, Stirling moves with the grace of a ballerina but works the crowd into a frenzy, “dropping the beat” like a rave fairy.” as the internet accurately describes

Starting to learn the violin at the young age of 6, Lindsey Stirling has always had a passion for music. Growing up in Gilbert, Arizona, Lindsey pursued to dream to become a household name in music. But she wanted to do it her way. 

One of her first steps into Stardom was on America’s Got Talent. That didn’t go well.




Even on the stage, she showed her passion and that she’s different from other musicians. That’s what got her so far in the competition and her talent.

The judges thought she was talented and skilled but they didn’t think she was good enough because of the choreography and the fact that she’s a soloist.





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Ten years ago I was sobbing on the floor of the @agt bathroom after my performance. I had just humiliated myself in front of 11 million people and I thought I’d blown the biggest opportunity of my life. But I’ve learned that just as life can be hard, God is kind. He gives us not what we want but what we need and we live in a world with limitless second chances. I’ve hit the floor crying many times since then and have plead with God for what I wanted: to save my friend Gavi, to heal my dad, to help me find love, but just like my Agt experience, sometimes the answer is no. . . Some of the most beautiful moments of my life have come when I’ve flipped the switch in my mind. Rather than being angry at what I’ve lost, I am focus on being grateful for what I had and have.

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There had been many obstacles in Lindsey’s life; disappointment, rejection, health issues, mental health issues. Throughout it all, she didn’t give up.

“Every time she felt like quitting, she felt like there was God saying, “Nope nope nope, you’re almost there. you have a mission. it’s going to be okay’,” said Lindsey’s sister, Jennifer.

Fast forward nearly a decade later and Lindsey did exactly what the judges denied her for and became legendary as a musician and as a violinist.

Her music career has flourished since her time at America’s got Talent. She’s proven the judges wrong. As a solo artist performing modern popular music with a traditionally orchestral instrument, she is taking the world by storm. Merging the worlds of classical and modern music, she has created a sound all her own. A sound that’s infectious.

Her Youtube Channel has over 10 million subscribers with over 2 billion views. That’s not all, Lindsey has won 2 billboard music awards, with Billboard chart-topping hits and sold-out tours throughout the world. 

In 2012, her career really took off as she released her debut album featuring one of her most popular hits, “Crystallize“. The song itself has over 225 million YouTube views while the album reached #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Chart and Classical Album Chart,. 

Two years later, she released her album, Shatter Me which reached #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart, selling over a quarter-million copies. The song sharing the same name as the album has over 78 million views on YouTube and won the 2015 Billboard Music Award for “Top Dance/Electronic Album”. 

Her album Brave Enough debuted at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart and went on to score the #1 spot on Billboard’s year-end Top Dance/Electronic Album list. This single album earned Stirling a 2017 Billboard Music Award for “Top Dance/Electronic Album”. On this album alone, the collaborations included Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, Carah Faye, Christina Perri, Raja Kumari, and Rivers Cuomo to name a few,

She’s collaborated with numerous other musicians such as Elle King, Peter Hollens, Switchfoot, John Legend, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Tyler Ward, ZZ Ward, and so many more. Here are some highlights of her collaborations.










She has a great mixture of original and cover songs. Her magnificent style doesn’t waver between the projects. Here are a few highlights of her songs.










Her next musical endeavour is a tour across South America. Previous tours of hers have sold over 500,000 headline tickets worldwide at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Chicago Theater, New York’s Central Park Summerstage and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Her most recent tour is focused on her new Album Artemis. Locations include Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.


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