EPL Poster Collection

What is the EPL Poster Collection?

“Gig posters combine unique design with essential information about which artists played together and what venues they played,” reads the Capital City Records website.

Capital City Records is a digital collection of Edmonton’s local musicians.

Collecting local gig posters may seem like a weird collection but it collects valuable information that simple statistics can’t. Through the visual collection, you can tell the style, the culture, the interaction, the subtle of the music industry at the time. Even within the same year, gig posters have such a range in design. It’s a way to visually see the diversity in the music world.

This collection follows the mission of Capital City Records to include the local Edmonton music industry into the larger scheme of music archiving.

Do you have posters to donate? How do you donate posters to the EPL?

If you are an artist, a promoter or run a venue, this is an amazing opportunity to contribute to local music history. For more information see the Captial City Records FAQ.

These posters only requirements are that they are local. Genre or date doesn’t matter! If you are interested in sharing your concert poster collection, please contact localmusic@epl.ca.

Comment Below your favorite gig posters!!



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