Concerns Elevate Regarding Live Music According to Data

“The ongoing triple threat facing the live music industry, and all mass gathering industries, requires government action,” said Patrick Rogers, Interim co-Chief Executive Officer. “This threat includes the medical concerns that Canadians have about the virus, that government restrictions on large gatherings will remain well into recovery, and that even after government restrictions are lifted, confidence in returning to live events will continue to be low.”

Everyone has their thoughts and worries about the Covid-19 pandemic. Abacus Data and Music Canada surveyed Canadians to learn their worries about the music industry during the pandemic. In May of 2020 was the first survey that found that over half of Canadians are concerned about returning to live music venues and wouldn’t be comfortable until 6 months or more had passed.

Launching a follow-up survey at the beginning of August, That sentiment hasn’t changed for the better. Instead, people are even more cautious and anxious than before.

“Live music was one of the first sectors impacted by the pandemic, and it will continue to feel the impacts long after restrictions are lifted,” continued Rogers. “Artists, venues and support staff will require further support long after other elements of the economy have reopened.”

Highlighted findings from the recent survey

  • Concern about the virus is down but remains elevated. More today think the worst is yet to come than did back in April.
  • The results also suggest that several safety measures will do little to make most regular concert-goers feel safe enough to return suggesting that even if live events are allowed to re-open, many will stay home, including those who deeply miss the experiences.
  • Canadians also understand the importance that live music plays in the economic well-being of artists. Given this, eight in ten would support the federal government extending the CERB benefit for musicians who won’t be able to make a living until live music returns.

This data confirms that the live music sector may take much longer than they thought to bounce back. Nearly 1 in 2 ‘music lovers’ feel that it will be 6 months or more after restrictions are lifted for them to feel safe enjoying live music. This has increased by 13 points just since April.

That being said, there is hope for the music industry despite the hardships it is currently facing.

“What we find interesting about what our research demonstrates is that live music is not going to just disappear. Canadians really miss the experience and want to come back, and we know they will return to venues and shows in time, and when they feel comfortable with others around them,” explains rogers in response to Switching Styles.

For more information, Abacus Data’s release on this new round of research can be found here and Music Canada’s press release can be found here.


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