What did you say? Bad Lip Reading

“I put words into other people’s mouths.”
~Bad Lip Reading~


Bad Lip Reading has taken the world by storm by bringing comedy in the form of bad lip reading and combining it with music to create BLR. Although similar to misheard lyrics, these covers are instead merely misread.

The creator took inspiration from lip reading and the deaf community as he had to learn to read lips. His mother, a musician as well, went deaf in her 40’s requiring her to become an expert lip reader out of necessity much to the amazement of her son. Unfortunately, when he started, BLR was terrible at lip reading, getting misread messages much like his bad lip reading videos.

Bad lip reading video is a comedic type performance taking the world by storm with over 991,823,564 views since 2011. The first Bad Lip Reading video released spoofing Rebecca Black‘s song “Friday“, titled “Gang Fight”.  One of them even had Mark Hamill as a guest star.

Here are some of Switching Styles’s top BLR videos for your listening pleasure!



“SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)”



“The Walking (And Talking) Dead”

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