All the Way; Covering Schmoyoho’s Remix

“All the Way” is a remix of JackSepticeye’s gameplay by Schmoyoho. JackSepticeye is a YouTube Celebrity gaining fame from his vlogs and comedic Let’s Play series.

Fun Fact: Jacksepticeye’s channel has over 12 billion views and 24 million subscribers. In Ireland, It is ranked as the most-subscribed channel.

Game Stream turned remix brings us a fantastic song to continue to cover. That means that the songs we’re looking at today are covers of a remix of a game stream. That’s the way that music works in terms of creating and covering and recreating. Taking these building blocks, and inspiration to bring something entirely new to the world.

The song itself is originally by Schmoyoho which takes audio clips from some of Jacksepticeye’s game plays, and streams to bring his audience a new look at video game streaming.

Here are the lyrics to the song that show a hilarious but positive song.

Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies!
My name is jacksepticeye (top of the mornin’)
My name is jacksepticeye (uh!)
My name is jacksepticeye (yes)
Jacksepticeye (yes)
Jack (yes) jack (yes) jack (yes!)
All the way
To fucking victory town
All the way
Feels good to be a winner, every now and then
I believe in you

Below are several covers of Schmoyoho’s “All the Way” that show there is no limit to musical creativity.

“All The Way” Dramatic Piano Cover by Gud Nuse

This cover of “All The Way” is something altogether different than the original. Gud Nuse brings a dramatic piano cover and adds to the drama by playing the song inside a church.

“Jacksepticeye has an interesting voice. And when I heard this remix, I totally wanted to cover it in the Gud Nuse way. I also hope this cover reaches him or the talented Schmoyoho one day. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.” mentions Gud Nuse.

“All The Way” Impossible Remix by Toms Mucenieks

Intense. That is one simple and powerful world used to accurately describe this cover.
Toms Mucenieks has adapted Schmoyoho’s composition to create something entirely different but amazingly intense.

“All The Way” cover by Knight of Breath

This cover is created by Knight of Breath as a Happy Birthday gift to Jack. With the positive lyrics of the remix, it’s a perfect happy birthday song.

The cover artist explains, “Jacksepticeye has been my favorite YouTuber for a while now. His videos really brighten up my day. He’s one of the kindest and most genuine people on this platform and he deserves every sub he receives. Jack motivates me not only to be a better YouTuber, but also a better person. As a loyal fan I will keep watching and supporting Jack’s channel for as long as possible! I fell in love with this song when I heard it. It’s not only catchy, the message of going all the way and not giving up is just so heartwarming. Schmoyoho did a great job on this song and the original has 64+ million views right now, which is awesome haha!”

“All The Way” Instrumental Cover by Vetrom

This instrumental mix cover created by Vetrom brings forth the energy of the original remix with it’s own style and frankly even more energy. Without vocals, this cover brings in additional instruments to create a symphony of music. Adding more of an upbeat instrument styles makes the music that much more dynamic.

The reason behind the cover’s creation?

“What can I say? I’m a big fan of Jacksepticeye :D! and the work from schmoyoho is awesome,” Explains Vetrom, “This song have been stuck in my head for days and I love it!”

“All The Way” Piano Cover by Amosdoll Music

The piano cover of “All the way” is more somber than expected compared to the original song. Amosdoll Music brings something entirely new to the fandom of Jacksepticeye and to Switching Styles’ audience.

Quite a lot of musicians have taken to covering “all the way” with the piano and each time it’s a different sound. Similar to the dramatic piano cover, Amosdoll brings a bit of slower and more sombre approach to the cover. Not adding vocals adds to the reflective nature of the song. It changes the entire feel of the song in such a solemn way.

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