Interviewing KDrummer 16

Music has had a substantial impact on my personality. It allowed me to express who I truly was, gave me confidence during moments of doubt, and, most importantly, it relieved me of any negative emotions daily.

KDrummer 16 in an interview with Switching Styles

Bringing you amazing drum covers brought to a whole and create new levels with practical and edited effects. These covers are hard, energetic, amazing and visually stunning. These visuals add to the drum covers themselves allowing them to “capture the beauty of drumming, and of course the drumming of the metal and hard rock genre.”

Starting in September of 2014, KDrummer 16’s YouTube channel has increased to 15,771 views and is ever-increasing. His love for music started way before YouTube, however. In fact, it started in his 3rd-grade music class.

“My friends and I watched this film that focused on the drummer quite a bit, and I thought how cool it would be to play like that. One day, my Dad came home from work with a tom drum in his hand; I was so happy to have received the first drum that I didn’t even realize there was an entire five-piece kit behind him!”

KDrummer 16 is a drummer with a lot of skill and even more attitude. He covers hard rock bands like Godsmack, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Mötley Crüe, Tool, Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. These are the bands that have inspired his sound; aggressive, ecstatic, and fun.

“The musicians that inspire my sound are Danny Carey of Tool, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold. Carey challenges me to play complicated fills and in odd time signatures, Bonham taught me to play loud and maintain a solid groove, and my ecstatic playing is all thanks to The Rev,” he explains in an interview with Switching Styles.

KDrummer 16 Covers

Covers give him a chance to connect with people. They appeal to people because it can show a different side to their favourite songs.

As he explains, “A drummer may decide to put a half-time feel over an upbeat feel, and it changes the entire emotion the song is trying to convey. If one really likes a song, they will find different ways to enjoy it, which always leads to covers”.

With Covid-19 continuing from the summer to the winter, it continues to impact musicians just like KDrummer 16. Artists are not able to conduct their music business as they usually have. Instead, it’s harder to tour, record music, and collaborate.

“It’s up to fans to find new ways to support their favourite musicians. Fortunately, though, artists are finding creative to connect with their fans through virtual concerts, unreleased material, and live streams.”

KDrummer 16 Drum Covers

Here are Switching Styles’ favourite drum covers from KDrummer 16.

Let’s start with his personal favourite drum cover. Not only because it’s fun and wild but being able to take on the persona of a killer clown makes it all that much more awesome.

“IT is the End” Originally by Ice Nine Kills

“7empest” Originally by Tool

“Whatever” Originally by Godsmack

“Show Me How to Live” Originally by Audioslave

“Deathwish” Originally by Red Sun Rising

“Riot” Originally by Three Days Grace

“Bodies” Originally by Drowning Pool

“Crazy Tran” Originally by Ozzy Osbourne

“To Be Loved” Originally by Papa Roach

“Smooth Criminal” By Alien Ant Farm

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