Celebrating Disney With Realistic Pessimism; Mad at Disney Covers

November 18th is not only the birthday for Mickey and Minnie Mouse but it’s also Mickey Mouse Day and National Princess Day.

Fun Fact: Disney was founded on October 16, 1923 making it 97 years old. Mickey and Minnie were both born on Nov. 18, 1928 making them both 92.

Despite the magic of Disney, the internet has taken to being mad at Disney with a hit song written by Bendik Møller, and Jason Hahs. Performed by Salem Ilese, this song took the world by storm. Tik Tok specifically had taken to the song with countless music videos.

This song showcases the emotions that a lot of people share — that fairy tale love isn’t realistic. Love doesn’t happen like a fairy tale.

Most of the classic Disney princesses fell in love at first sight without much thought to who they were falling in love with or how love works. Disney did comment on this in “Frozen” when Elsa explains to her sister that, “You can’t marry a man you just met. She did and we all saw how well that turned out.

Switching Styles is bringing you some of the best “Mad at Disney” Covers. Get ready to be transfixed by the Disney magic and some real world realism!

“Mad At Disney” by Lynnea M.

“Mad At Disney” by Najwa Latif

“Mad At Disney” by Jazz Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson and David Simmons Jr.

“Mad At Disney” by YELO

“Mad At Disney” Saxophone Cover by Brendan Ross

“Mad At Disney” by Blue D.

“Mad At Disney” by aryy

“Mad At Disney” by Christian Lalama

“Mad At Disney” by Abra Salem

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  1. Пётр says:

    Disneyland turned 50 in 2005, and the anniversary was celebrated by every Disney theme park around the worl d. At Disney World specifically, each tower on Cinderella Castle was covered with gold spirals and character statues. Peter Pan and Wendy, for example, could be seen flying around the tallest spire.


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