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Covers of Lindsey Stirling’s New Album, Artemis

Lindsey Stirling’s album Artemis is a masterpiece that brings forth what we’ve grown to love about Lindsey; her energy, passion, and gosh darn amazing talent.

“From an ode to the goddess of the moon to a collaboration with Amy Lee, ‘Artemis’ manages to encapsulate everything we know and love about Lindsey Stirling – and then some,” Describes Jack from Screen Streams.

And he’s right.







These posts aren’t the only love this album is getting. There are several covers of Lindsey’s album already! Check out some of the highlights below.

Of course, we needed some acoustic violin covers to pay tribute to the great violinist that’s the topic of this article. Alex Rivers does an amazing rendition of “Artemis” with a fantastically upbeat and passionate tempo.


Here’s a metal cover of “Artemis” by Silver Storm. He brings forth a magnificent guitar sound to it that’s different than Lindsey Stirling’s sound. Hearing the song in a different way is exactly what covers are all about.


Dubstep Violin. You heard that completely right. SG Music brings a dubstep remix of “Artemis”. It’s simply amazing. This is taking Lindsey’s already dubstep violin music and making it even more edm based.


Gillian Rose covers “Artemis” with a Piano cover. She comments that it’s a bit faster than the original claiming that, “my hands got too excited again”. It’s understandable and it’s not a bad thing. Not only does the heightened tempo bring more energy to the cover but in a way, it’s a tribute to the energy of Lindsey Stirling’s music.


Did you know that Lindsey Stirling could get faster? With Nightcore cover by Nightcore Heaven, it did just that. In the standard style of Nightcore, the original is sped up and is a few notes higher than the original.


Xgt1234 has published a trumpet cover. Creating a trumpet cover from a violin song isn’t what I would call easy, but it’s done well as you can see in the video below. It keeps pace with the original. Not only that, it provides a whole new and distinct sound to the original.


Now we’re bringing the energy way way down with a chill cover. Kamila Sisu has a chillout electronic cover of Artemis out. It’s a change of pace from the previous covers. Played on a magic mini piano, this cover highlights the original in a way that


Following along the same line as Sisu’s chill cover, we have a flute cover by Dennis Benning. This is hauntingly gorgeous and contrasts the original quite a bit.


Sadly, we couldn’t post all of them here but there are so many others from amazing artists. I’d love it if you would send those covers to us to share on our social media!

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