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Local Music Venues: Naked Cyber Cafe & Espresso Bar

If you’re looking for a music venue, you may find Naked Cyber Cafe and Espresso Bar. This hidden gem is a place for Edmonton musicians to jam, perform and get their names out there. Local musicians have amazing talent and local live music venues are where they perform. Naked Cyber Cafe And Espresso Bar is one example. Continue reading Local Music Venues: Naked Cyber Cafe & Espresso Bar

Rick and Morty | Season 4 | Rick and Morty Covers | Remixes

While We Wait For Season 4 of Rick and Morty……

Season 4 of Rick and Morty is coming. As you probably know, Rick and Morty is a science fiction animation for an adult audience. The whole show is satirical and cynical. It’s described as a dark comedy that makes complete sense. Rick and Morty take seriously dark and solemn topics and jokes about them. It’s a show that will make you laugh about the universe … Continue reading While We Wait For Season 4 of Rick and Morty……

Best. Cover. Ever. | Youtube Series | Switching Styles | Cover Competition


This series, produced by Ryan Seacrest is going to provide a platform for new and upcoming artists. In a press release, Seacrest says “These new young artists will also have the chance to work alongside some of the most renowned musicians in the world, which we hope will generate some great experiences for the artists and contestants alike, and in turn produce some memorable performances.” Continue reading Best.Cover.Ever.

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Patreon For Covers

As far as the creators themselves, Patreon facilitates creators of all kinds. They have categories for video and film, music, writing, comics and illustrations, podcasts, games, drawing and painting, animation, science, photography, education, crafts and DIY, dance and theatre, writing, education, comedy, and they even have an everything else category. Patreon is used by pretty much any kind of artist and that includes cover musicians. It’s a great way to directly support and connect your favorite artists. Continue reading Patreon For Covers