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Interview With Notedead


Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready for this? We don’t think you are, but you better get ready. Switching Styles has the answers you need with this interview with Notedead.

Introductions All Around!

Max Preuss (drums) and Trymer Martin (guitars/vocals) combine to form the band, Notedead. It all started where all great bands start, with a passion for music. The band found their start during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic, despite the hardships. Everything was rough. That didn’t stop them. For Notedead, this was a new beginning. The band formed in 2020 and has been rocking the world since.

Q&A Between Switching Styles and Notedead!

In an interview with switching styles, they’ve opened up about their band, their process, and their goals. Read below to get to know Notedead even better!

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

 Music emits emotion. I long to feel what the artist felt when they wrote the song and kind of experience it together. Music is also everywhere, from malls to elevators. And rhythm is in footsteps and your heartbeat, it’s everything.

 The emotions a song can put you through makes me feel alive

How did Notedead start and how did the Covid 19 Pandemic impact your band?

 Early on in Covid times when everything stopped and when we couldn’t jam with our bands Trymer started writing his own stuff and asked Max to write drums along with it. We both quickly realized that our writing for our respective instruments clicked together.

We started ripping out songs super-fast, so we decided to continue writing under our own band together which is Notedead.

How is being an Edmonton-based band impacted Notedead?

 It’s funny because only half of the band (Max) is Edmonton based and the other half (Trymer) is from Lacombe so it’s almost a long-distance type band relationship.

 The local music scene in Edmonton has a great group of people who support and encourage us, and we are forever grateful.

What inspired you to start playing and making music?


 Before I got into my own music I listened to my dad’s classic rock/metal, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, ZZ Top, etc. Anyways but I’m in grade 5 I had some project to do at school and there was another classmate who did his project, but his was on Sum 41 and it caught my eye, so I got the CD “all killer no filler” at a Walmart in Manitoba, and that cd changed me.

From there I adopted my first taste of music away from my parents and it inspired me to want to play guitar, the ball started rolling from there!


Rock band. I loved the game because I was able to some of jam along to my favorite songs while simultaneously learning a basic version of the drums. I got very good at that game, and it made my transition into real drums very easy.

My music teacher in junior high band class then asked if anybody knew how and I volunteered to learn some percussion. The rest is history, between drum lessons, drumming for my high school jazz band & winning jazz artist of the year, it’s safe to say I’m a real drummer now

What bands or genres inspire your sound?

 Counterparts, Napoleon, Dance Gavin Dance, to name a few… but it’s really so hard to say what inspires our sound, so many bands growing up shaped us into the musicians we are and what our preferences are as well.

We also use it a lot! Of dead notes haha

Describe your creative process when you write new music.

 We both write our music on Guitar Pro. being as we are far away from each other, and we both enjoy the punctualness we can read. Trymer usually comes up with the first riff and then sends it to Max and Max writes the drums and then we work together from there, writing the song section by section.

Sometimes there will be a pre-discussed idea before we start on our next track, but we always write song by song and never add too much to our plates.

What’s your favorite venue for performing? Why?

 We don’t play shows as we are only a 2 man band writing songs to share with people, but if we could Trymer would want to play the St. Andrews United Church in Lacombe as he used to play local punk shows there growing up (it’s kind of odd I know, but it was so much fun!) and Max wishes we could play at Polar Park Brewery in Edmonton but it unfortunately just closed down.

What are some of your current projects?

 Currently, we have some new music in the bank but nothing to confirm aside from our new album “Separate Paths”. However, Max is in 2 other bands, Withered Days and Sol Runner.

What advice would you give to musicians just starting?

 Listen to music as often as you can. Find something that you wish you could make your own and take that drive to make your own with your inspiration and feelings

 Don’t give up, you’re going to suck at times, but music is a lifelong partner if you let it be.

Is there anything you wanted to mention that I didn’t ask about?

 Yes, our new album ‘Separate Paths’ is out September 9th

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Featuring Notedead


This content was sponsored by Notedead. Thank you for supporting local music blogs like Switching Styles!!

Are you sure you’re ready for this? Are you ready for truly hardcore music? We don’t think you are, but you better get ready. Notedead is one of the most hardcore bands in the province, and they’re not stopping any time soon.


The band formed in 2020 and has been rocking the world since. They’ve been releasing music since their debut in 2021 with the release of their Best Wishes EP. Then the single “Labyrinth” was released a year later.

Max Preuss (drums) and Trymer Martin (guitars/vocals) combine to form the band, Notedead. It all started where all great bands start, with a passion for music. Despite the hardships, the band found their start during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic. The covid pandemic was a tough time for Canadian musicians. Venues were closed. Live performances were limited. Finances for everyone were rough. Everything was rough. That didn’t stop them. For Notedead, this was a new beginning.

Getting Started.

Trymer started writing instrumental tracks solo during the quarantine. Channelling the pressure, uncertainty, and anxiety into the melodies, he created three of Notedead’s first songs. But something was missing, and that something was Max. As a drummer, Max had felt the impact of the pandemic firsthand. Trymer reached out and Max took to his role like a fish to water. They both quickly realized that their writing was an amazing match. That’s the exact moment that Notedead was created.

You may think you know the post-hardcore genre, but not like this. Max is a drummer, not only for Notedead but also for Withered Days and Sol Runner. His skill combined with Trymer’s artistry makes entirely unique music. This band brings something fresh to the post-hardcore genre. The band is inspired by classic rock and metal legends; Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, and ZZ Top. That’s not all. Notedead’s influences also include contemporary bands such as Counterparts, Napoleon, and Dance Gavin Dance. Notedead is breathing a new kind of life into the genre with its music.

“A dynamic, immersive, and progressive assimilation of heavy influences. Rangy guitars work that balances urgent and melodic astutely and a pummeling vocal delivery intertwines deftly with the instrumental unit”

Raves Katie from Carry The 4 PR.

Their Music

This post-hardcore Canadian band is bringing out all the stops in their music. Notedead is bringing forth impressive drums, emotive lyrics, and an emotional connection to each one of its listeners. All their music has such a profound level of depth to it. Each note, each strum, and each word have a meaning and a purpose. That purpose is to connect with the listener within that moment.

Their most recent release is an album called “Separate Paths.” This album of 11 hardcore songs has been available as of September 9, 2022. Not even one of the album’s songs is flat when it comes to emotions. The songs all tell a story of humanity and share a part of the human condition. Pain, anger, joy, rage, and misery, it’s all there in their music.

Notedead is aiming to be one of the greats coming from right here in Edmonton, Alberta. The goal was never to impress people. It never has been. It’s been about the music. The real goal is to write great music that speaks to the human heart. Find their music online on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

Check them out and let us know what you think!!
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Reviewing “Politician Man” by Adrian Sutherland


Just in time for the Canadian Election, Adrian Sutherland releases a single, “Politician Man”, discussing the issues of drinking water in communities throughout Canada.

Introducing Adrian Sutherland

Adrian Sutherland is an artist with more than just creativity and talent but a quality musician and a quality father. Adrian Sutherland is a Canadian artist from Attawapiskat First Nation on the James Bay. He’s not just a singer, songwriter, musician, speaker, author, and advocate but He’s also a father of four, a grandfather to four, a traditional knowledge keeper, and a respected cultural leader, fluent in Mushkegowuk Cree.

Northern Canadian roots rocker, Sutherland has become an increasingly popular artist. His Spotify Wrapped shows a huge following with over 10k listeners in over 57 countries.

Photo of Adrian Sutherland

As an artist, he’s taken to using his musical popularity to spread information and hope among Canadian citizens. Sutherland wrote this American-style song himself. With the writing help of the brothers Chris Gormley and Matt Gormley, the lyrics send such a vital message. During the Canadian election, this is a rather poignant message.

Introducing Politican Man

A press release by Adrian Sutherland explains, “The powerful protest song – Sutherland’s debut single as a solo artist – has been gaining audiences ever since its premiere on October 17, 2019, four days before Canada’s federal election. The video and its important message earned national media coverage at that time and continues to garner attention today.”

The federal election is a chance for a citizen to have their voices heard. People can fight for what they believe in, make a stand for their values, to stand with the people that can’t stand for themselves. The meaning behind this song isn’t just political. It’s much deeper than that, especially for Sutherland. It’s a far more personalized message.

Message Behind The Music of “Politician Man” by Adrian Sutherland

“The seeds for the song were planted in July 2019, when Attawapiskat First Nation – Sutherland’s fly-in Cree community on the James Bay in remote Northern Canada – declared a state of emergency over contaminated water,” describes Sutherland. This contaminated water has elevated levels of Trihalomethanes (THMs) and halo acetic acids (HAAs) which can cause skin irritation as well as increase the risk of cancer. These can’t be cleared by boiling the water.

“Attawapiskat should be drinking the same quality of water the people in Ontario and Canada take for granted,” Attawapiskat Chief Ignace Gull said in an interview with CBC, “We shouldn’t be going through this kind of stuff, to declare a state of emergency. If this happened in Timmins, they would deal with it the same day.”

Nigel Nakogee, 17, holds a sign in front of the Attawapiskat band office on Tuesday, protesting the community’s water quality problems. Published via CBC

In the Globe and Mail, you can Read Adrian’s previously written editorial piece about the lack of clean drinking water in Canada’s communities. Sutherland has never had clean water running into his home. This is a sad case for countless communities throughout the country. Countless communities throughout Canada are under water advisories.

Keep up to date on Short-term drinking water advisories including Boiled Water Advisories (BWA), Do Not Use Advisory (DNU), and Do Not Consume (DNC). There are also numerous long-term drinking water advisories available here.

“For his entire 44-year-old life, he has had to collect clean drinking water from elsewhere. When he was younger, his family used to draw water straight from the river. These days, Attawapiskat has two dispensaries where families access drinking water,” reads a press release from Sutherland.

This prompted Sutherland to write a song in response. Coming from a very personal place, Sutherland is using his platform to send a message about this issue.

“At almost the exact same moment, insensitive comments about water from a thoughtless politician in Ottawa sparked massive public outcry, and national media coverage. Politician Man, a song that speaks to Canada’s troubled relationship with First Nations, was Sutherland’s response.”

“The relationship between Canada and First Nations has been difficult for a long time, and in many ways, it still is,” continues Sutherland Politician Man is about this relationship, and the need for all of us – politicians, chiefs, Indigenous people, all people – to start listening to each other, and move past the blaming. We all need to do our part to make real change happen. That’s the message behind Politician Man.”

About The Music Video

The music video portion was created by Justin Stephenson, an acclaimed animator and filmmaker and produced by RoseAnna Schick. produced and engineered by Carl Jennings in Hamilton, Ontario, this is a fantastic masterpiece of a music video. Not only that, but it’s also been screened in over 20 film international festivals gaining several rewards including the following.

🎥 Yorkton Film Festival – Best Performing Arts & Entertainment – Jun 18, 2020   

🎞️ Moving Parts Film Festival – Best Music Video – Sep 26, 2020  

📹 Indie Shorts Buenos Aires & Indie Shorts Miami – Best Music Video – Dec 8, 2020

📽️ Phoenix International Short Film Festival – Best Music Video – Jan 4, 2021  

🎬 London Music Video Festival – Best Music Video – Jul 1, 2021 

“Politician Man” by Adrian Sutherland is not only an impressive work of art but also an impressive message. Visit here to see how you can make a difference in your community. Keep up to date on the progress of the Canadian Government here. Write and send a letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Tell him it’s time to end drinking water advisories in First Nations.

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WthCnvctn New Single; Inse(Cure)


Dark. Hard. Emotional. That’s what WthCnvctn delivers and what they keep delivering. Be ready because soon they have delivered more of their deep metal music.

February 28th is the day well awaited by fans as it’s the day that their single Inse(Cure) dropped! This single is available on all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. That’s not all. Teaming up with Art Unleashed, they created and presented an ambitious lyric video that visually goes above and beyond the typical. Made with a 3-D workspace (similar to those used to create video games), the lyric video is a visual and musical treat.

Instead of releasing an entire album with much space in between releases, the band is releasing singles at a faster rate. Bringing their audience a different way to enjoy their music, WthCnvctn is releasing a single every few months. This means less wait time for fans. This is a way to give each track the attention and appreciation they deserve. Compared to an article with several tracks telling a single overarching story with a similar message, WthCnvctn will release several singles to delve deeper into the message of the song. Inse(Cure) is the first of their new singles that has been released with another one coming in the spring of 2020.

 Inse(Cure) is a powerful and emotional track. Matched perfectly, the lyrics and instrumental bring forth both of those elements. Starting with a distorted beat and a modern intro, the song draws you in. Then the harder metal drum beats follow with vocals in the background showing their metal passion. Slamming the listeners into a punk chorus, metal guitar and drum riffs allows a tune for the hardest of metalheads. Within the middle is a guitar solo that’s not only sexy and decisive but went into production with a single take — a feat not easily made.

This song combines elements such as modern distortion, punk choruses, and metalcore rifts. Like the band itself, this song shifts and melds different genres not letting one single genre do it justice. Combined seamlessly, insecure has elements of punk, pop, emo, metal, and grunge. It’s a combination that not many bands can do but WthCnvctn does it well.

“The song dives headfirst into a dark setting absolutely abolishing genre norms,” reads a press release from the band, ” elements of more than a few genres are seeping through the cracks of every corner of the song.”

Altogether the musicians combined their talent to create a song that’s as metal as it is emotional. The lyrics are dark and depressing with the music style to match. Here are the first lyrical stanzas of the song.

We’re going nowhere in these broken fucking body bags
I see the light but only peeking through the curtains and I
Know it hurts, I know it hurts, I feel you
Life’s the hearse and we deserve the worst view
I think I hear them singing

I take it back, wish I never loved you
I really thought, you would tell me the truth
Stop caring, stop caring I’m okay
I’m only chasing a high,
Never mind
Never ending lullaby
They’re singing no one’s gonna love you

These lyrics bring forth a story that many of us feel every day. Insecurities are prevalent with human beings in general.

“We’ve all been hurt before, Inse(Cure) is a song about pain and it’s art so it’s open to interpretation. If the shoe fits it’s for you and your situation,” explains Sabian Ryan.

This is what the song Inse(Cure) highlights. Insecurities are unfortunately universal. WthCnvctn audience shares similar insecurities to the band such as the most prominent one of not being loved. Originally, Inse(Cure) was called by a different name. They had a working title of Chasing the high but instead went with Inse(Cure) as it fits better with the lyrics and feels of the song itself. They made the right choice as chasing the high denotes something almost futile because Inse(Cure) allows for interpretation. The lyrics showcase the insecurities of the band members and their listeners. The title and the subtle inner text of cure shows that with each insecurity there is a chance of fixing it or growing from it. Ryan wants this song to reach the people that need to hear it, that have a situation that they need to work through, and the band shares that sentiment.

Inse(cure) is a project inspired by more recent events in the band’s journey, unlike previous releases. This is a dark song that draws inspiration from the stress of now whereas earlier songs were stresses and pain from the band’s past such as “Chemical Camouflage”, “Sink / Swim”, “Let It Go” and “Cigarettes & Sin”. That being said, the punk sound of this single is a tribute to the band’s earlier songs while still staying true to WthCnvctn’s sound.

“This one was probably the most natural song we’ve ever written since “Let it Go”,” they explain. Change is inevitable but it takes some time to adapt and to move on regardless of the changes.

Starting in 2015, they set out to form a band that combines aspects of the music they love; Melodic Guitars, Punk Rhythms, Grungy Bass, Fast Drums, Drop Tunings, Punchy Leads, Devastating Breaks and Chaotic Vocals. Not only did they combine them, but they turned it into something entirely new.

Sabian Ryan (vocals), Kyle Johnson (Bass/vocals), Aj Howse (drums) and Keelan Roussel (Guitar) bring forward a sound that’s all their own. Their sound has been described as metalcore, punk, grunge. This is quite similar to the band’s overall musical aesthetic.

“With such a unique approach to genre-blending, there’s room for anyone who likes the dark side of music to sing along or jump in the pit” said Ryan emphasizing that their music and thus their audience is varied and diverse.

This independent band hails from Edmonton Alberta. It’s not just a location to them, though. It’s home. It’s a starting point to be more than just a local band. Music is about connecting to their audience and impacting each listener in a positive way. In 2016, most if not all of their performances were #BOYEG events with the earnings being donated to charities including Zoe’s Animal Rescue, Edmonton Humane Society, YESS, YRAP among others. It’s not just Edmonton that they have their sights set on. Their audience is excited about the release of Inse(cure) and the release of further music from WthCnvctn!

Sabian beams when talking about the release and his band mates, “I’m really proud of my boys for coming together to make this happen — and there’s a lot more on the way.”

*Sponsored by WthCnvctn*