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“I fink you freeky” is originally produced by Die Antwoord and then later covered by Leo Moracchioli. This cover song popped up on my YouTube feed and I thought it is a fantastic combination of a great band and a phenomenal cover artist. It is only been out a little more than a week and the music video has already gotten over 33k likes and 515,351 views. 15 of those are probably mine but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, it has some mature themes so you have been warned.

The Original by Die Antwoord

Let us start with the original song to compare. It’s a fantastic song, to begin with. Die Antwoord have a distinct style. So it’s always interesting to see how cover artists cover the song, to see how similar or dissimilar the cover ends up being.

Then we go into the cover, which is fairly different from the original. Obviously, the first main difference is the style. Die Antwoord is very much hip-hop, electronica style whereas Leo Moracchioli covers songs with a metal flair. It’s really cool to listen to it. Check it out.

Leo Moracchioli and his Cover

The introduction was really well done as it mirrored the original but it probably could have done without it. It did add a bit to make it similar to the original and to add some intrigue to the music video but it seemed to be a bit extraneous. That’s really minor though as Leo has created a phenomenal cover.

For the main part, the music is fantastic. His use of instrumentals is great. Leo copies the beat to give the same upbeat feeling but with a metal flair. He takes the music and really makes it his own.

The impressive part is Leo’s rapping. Yolandi and Ninja are awesome rappers, he does a really good job of mimicking both of them. Yolandi has been compared to Nicki Minaj as a female rapper. Female rappers should be highlighted in the music world more because they are fantastic. Leo takes the entire song with lyrics from both Ninja and Yolandi into his own vocal style. They translate really really well into the metal cover. He then adds vocal growls throughout the song. The timing of these is really well-chosen. It adds a more metal flavour to the overall song.

The actual music video was fantastic. It’s different from the original video that has the entire video mainly in dark colours and rather dark themes. Leo’s music video was dark but in a whimsical metal sort of way. There were bright colours glowing under black light. The use of black lights and black light-sensitive paint is an amazing touch. It’s quite pretty. Then the editing matches the music fantastically. The transitions match the beat of the song to create an energetic feel. The outro of the song is the same in both, where the instrumentals die down and the last few lines are essentially whispered. It’s done extremely well.

As always, the contacts are great.

Overall, Leo has made another breathtaking cover. Check out some of his other covers on his YouTube channel here.

Let me know how you feel about it in the comments below!!

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