A Q&A with Adrian Sutherland

Q&A with Adrian Sutherland

Switching Styles is bringing you an exciting Q&A with Adrian Sutherland for your reading pleasure. Check out more about Adrian here.

Photo of Adrian Sutherland
Photo of Adrian Sutherland

Introducing Sutherland

Adrian Sutherland is not just a musician but also a Singer, songwriter, writer, speaker, father, grandfather, and advocate for First Nations. There’s more to his work than just mere activism. from Attawapiskat First Nation on the James Bay, he’s a traditional knowledge keeper, fluent in Mushkegowuk Cree, as well as a respected cultural leader.

Starting with the rock band, Midnight Shine, Sutherland has shifted to solo projects ever since 2019. Throughout the years he’s been creating more and more fantastic music. Some of his most popular songs include “Once that was you”, “Politician Man”, “Right Here”, and “Respect The Gift”.

As described his SoundCloud, his “Debut single Politician Man hit #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and won Best Performing Arts & Entertainment at Canada’s oldest film festival. Second single Respect the Gift debuted in January 2021 on The Strombo Show and American Songwriter Magazine, and also reached #1 on the IMC. Right Here, the first single from Adrian’s upcoming album was released in June and has been earning national attention for its music video made from 1600 selfies”.

Q&A  Interview

Below is an interview between Adrian Sutherland and Dylanna Fisher of Switching Styles

Q&A with Adrian Sutherland

How would you describe your music’s sound?

I would describe my music as “out of the woods” Phil Spector era. It’s different from most music out there today.


How did you start in music?

My mother played guitar and organ, so I was always around music growing up.


What impact has music had on you personally?

Music for me has always helped me through some tough times, I would describe it as therapy.


Why is music important?

Music moves in ways other things can’t, it can lift us when we’re down and transcends through barriers.


What is the typical process for creating your music?

I usually write on the guitar, mostly in the late evening or at night – I feel more open to receiving music this way.


What are you most looking forward to once the pandemic is over?

Once the pandemic is over, I look forward to performing again.


What advice would you give to new and young musicians?

Build your team and don’t waste time on chasing things or people who don’t get your music.


What are some of your future projects?

I’m working on my first book and would like to keep writing and recording soon.


In conclusion

He describes himself as a Roots-Rocker, songwriter, advocate, hunter, hockey player. He supports many different roles as a musician. As a musician, he’s able to bring forth such emotion and beautiful lyrics that are fantastic to listen to.


Learn more about Adrian Sutherland at www.adriansutherlandmusic.com.

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