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Adult colouring has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Here’s a great list of resources for those who love it and want to start.

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What Is Adult Colouring?

Adult colouring is a form of colouring that’s typically more intricate than children’s colouring books. Other than that, it’s inherently similar. There are several unique benefits of colouring, regardless of age or intricacy.

“Coloring books are no longer just for kids. Adult colouring books have grown in popularity recently. Whether you already have a colouring book or are thinking about getting one, there are quite a few benefits to colouring in your free time,” explains By Martin Taylor, a writer for Web MD.

What’s The Point of Adult Colouring?

That’s a reasonable question. There are a lot of benefits for folks of all ages to engage in colouring. Check out our list of gifts!

😄 Relaxes your mind and body

🧠 Improves brain function

🎓 Improves focus

🛌 Improves overall sleep quality

🖌️ Induces a meditative state

🖍️Improves complex motor skills

🎉 Reduces anxiety

🌈 Alleviates depression

❤️  Improves positive mental attitude

🎨 Encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

What Should I Colour as An Adult?

That’s 100% your own choice. Anyone can colour whatever they want. Do you want an adult-only? Yep! Do you like colouring Scooby doo cartoons? For sure! What about anatomy colouring books to help study biology? Of course!!

There are all sorts of options for adult colouring books. Switching Styles has compiled a great list of colouring books that our writers love. Please be aware that affiliate links in this list provide switching styles with finances that help us run and run well!

Anna Gruduls’s Designs

Her work is breathtaking. Hands down, Anna Gruduls’ Designs are beyond gorgeous. Check them out at annagrunduls.com and dylannafisher.com!!!

Merch Bar

Get your colouring books with unique themes, including Oh, What A Colorful World Coloring Book by Kacey Musgraves, a Sublime band colouring book, and even Yellow Submarine: A Creative Experience Coloring Book!! These books help you relax and bring you closer to the music. Get these fantastic colouring books right now, right here.

Music for Colouring

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What? You thought we wouldn’t add music to this article? Here’s some chill and relaxing music to serenade

Lost Tales: Our Secret Place 🌿 A Dreamy Lo-fi Mix By Dreamhop Music

Magical Tearoom ASMR Ambience By Miracle Forest

Avatar: The Last Airbender☁️ Lo-fi Chillout By Simon Groß

Mighty Vibes Vol 1 By Critical Role

Hogwarts Classroom By Ambient Worlds

Vibes With Aquinas By Catholic Lo-fi

Disney Songs but It’s Lo-fi  By Møon Lo-fi Beats

Ghibli But Lo-fi By Demon Gummies

Haunted Manor at Night By Martia’s Muses

Fall Kirby Music Mix 🍂 By Magareen

Show off your art skills by sharing your colouring sheets with us on social media!

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