Album Review; Artemis by Lindsey Stirling


Artemis is the new album by Lindsey Stirling that’s going to be the highlight of her 2020 Tour. That in itself is exciting and we haven’t yet talked about the album itself.

Stirling released Artemis in the early September of 2019. It has topped the charts for  UK Dance Albums, US Billboard, US Independent Albums, US Top Classical Albums, and US Top Dance/Electronic Albums.

Another feature of this article that you may not have known is that it was written alongside a comic book. That is just darn cool. Check out the comic book here. Lindsey Stirling’s album is not just an album but a story with characters (and cosplay).

Right. Well, one of the big themes of the album and even the story, I wrote the album alongside a comic book and so it had a very clear story to me, one of the big themes is that there is hope in darkness. Artemis, being the goddess of the moon, a big part of her mission is bringing light into darkness. So, even when there is darkness, or when there is a dark side, there is always this hope that light will come back. That’s why I didn’t want to write a song, like there’s definitely darker tones in the chorus and certain sonnets of the song are dark, but also the melody is a very upbeat melody and the tempo is upbeat. So it’s kind of a play with roles. It’s got some dark things like the chords, but at the same time, even in darkness, you can find hope and light. It was kind of the theme of the album and why I called that song “Darkside.”

Says Lindsey Stirling in an interview On Geek Tyrant

Here’s the tracklist for the album with all of its violin goodness.

  1. “Underground” Featuring Taylor Bird and Peter Hanna
  2. “Artemis” Featuring Mark Maxwell
  3. “Til the Light Goes Out” Featuring Graham Andrew Muron
  4. “Between Twilight” Featuring Maxwell 
  5. “Foreverglow” Featuring Maxwell, and Afsheen
  6. “Love Goes On and On” featuring Amy Lee and Alexander Seaver
  7. “Masquerade” Featuring Bird Hanna
  8. “Sleepwalking” Featuring Petey Martin, and Meghan Kabir
  9. “Darkside” Featuring Martin
  10. “The Upside” Featuring Brid Hanna, Mozella, and Maize Jane Olinger
  11. “Guardian” Featuring Brid Hanna
  12. “Aurora” Featuring Martin
  13. “The Upside” Featuring Brid Hanna, Mozella, and Elle King
  14. “Embers”
  15. “Torch Bringer

Switching Styles has chosen its top three tracks from the album!!

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