Audience Survey About How You Listen To Music

Audience Survey
Audience Survey

We need your help with this audience survey. There are so many streaming services for music out there! YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal; There’s so many to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Switching Styles is looking for that start with a survey about our audience’s preferences for online streaming music services.


What is this survey for?

We’re reaching out to our audience to learn what they use primarily and which streaming music service is the best. Overall, this is going to be based on personal preference as well as how the services perform for music lovers and music makers.

We are trying to figure out

  • What streaming service most convenient for our music lovers
  • What streaming service that benefits music makers the most
  • Which one is the best of both worlds?
  • How is the best way to engage with our audience?
Where can I find the Survey?

The survey is a simple click away – https://forms.gle/HUzG5gJwhb3Ah2mD9

Feel free to share it with your friends!

What is Switching Styles going to do with this Information?

This is one of the steps in a research project that Switching Styles is doing to better bring music to its readers. Not only will this survey explore some of the preferences of our readers but also help us reach out the best we can with the music you love.

The ‘winner’ or most supported streaming service will be the primary service that Switching Styles uses for embedding music into their articles. As well as where Switching Styles will be curating playlists for their music to expand the lists of music you read on switchingstyles.ca.

If most of our audience is using a specific music streaming service, why wouldn’t we?

Where can I see the final information?

As always, all of our projects are available right here on the website, switchingstyles.ca.

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Can I give more of my opinion beyond the survey?

Yes, please do! If you are interested in being interviewed as a music lover or music maker about this survey, contact us through email at switchingstylespublication@gmail.com or through your favourite social media sites.

Thank you for all of your time reading through and for answering the survey!!

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