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Interviewing Casey Jones Costello

Disney is a brand that has encapsulated nostalgia around the entire world. Because of that, it’s a topic that Switching Styles have touched on quite a bit from Aladdin’s “A Friend Like Me”, Lion King Cover Songs, A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, Finding Nemo Soundtrack Covers, Disney Music While Cooking, The Voice Of Phil Collins, And So Much More!! Read below to learn more about the Disney Covers and musical career of Casey Costello.

Introducing Casey Costello

Follow the movie magic with these soundtrack covers and @caseyjcostello’s fantastic TikTok account. Costello initially appeared in Switching Styles in a piece on Disney’s “Snow White” (1937). The article “Disney and Dreams: Snow White Cover Songs” included his work. In this profound and powerful duet, Casey Jones Costello and Yunjin Audrey Kim blend their gorgeous vocals with Yunjin’s stunning piano talents. Here’s a lovely cover of “Someday My Prince Will Come” that he made.

Interview With Casey Costello and Dylanna Fisher of Switching Styles

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One of the artists we’ve talked about is Casey Costello. His work takes inspiration from the world of Disney. With a long list of Disney covers and other classical music in his repertoire, Casey Costello certainly has the voice of a Disney Prince. Below is an interview with Casey Costello, a musician, and our very own journalist, Dylanna Fisher.

How Did You Get Started in Music?

I got started singing from the time I was young and sang in the boy’s choir at my church, St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Rochester, NY, and I joined several choirs in high school, but I didn’t take voice lessons formally until I was 15 or 16. I took lessons through the Hochstein School of Music in Rochester, NY, and then went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Music/Business at Nazareth College in Pittsford, NY.

Why Did You Decide To Be Known As Casey Costello As Opposed To A Stage Name Or Nickname?

I am known by my full name, Casey Jones Costello, so I include my middle name as part of my artist name because it almost sounds like it’s a stage name already since there are many cultural associations with the name “Casey Jones,” so I just figured it was easier to go by my real name than by a pseudonym.

How Would You Describe Your Sound?

I would describe my sound as traditional pop / classical crossover since I have been inspired a lot by singers whose sound bridges the gap between classical and popular music. I sing in what I hope is an authentic manner that preserves the character of the songs as they were intended to be performed when they were written by the songwriters.

Who Are Your Musical Influences?

I have many musical influences, including Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Mario Lanza, Josh Groban, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Robert Goulet, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and so many other people. My musical inspirations span the gamut from operetta stars from the 1930s to popular singers of today.

Why Did You Start on YouTube?

I started on YouTube when I was maybe 14 years old just posting videos for fun, and eventually, as I started pursuing music professionally, I started using it as a platform to be able to post videos of my performances to it.

How Do You Think YouTube Functions as A Platform for Musicians?

YouTube can be a good promotional tool for musicians but frankly, it hasn’t helped me that much; TikTok has been a lot more useful in building an audience of fans much more quickly.

How Do You Feel About The Internet In The Music Business?

The internet has both helped and hurt the music business; streaming services like Spotify make it easier than ever to get your music distributed and heard, but it doesn’t pay very much royalties. Physical album sales like CD sales are much more significant in terms of being profitable, but very few people buy physical albums today.

How Has the Internet Affected Your Music Career?

The internet has allowed me to be discovered by many people who would not have otherwise probably ever heard of me, so that’s been a good thing, but again, it hasn’t helped a lot with actually selling albums; that tends to happen only when I do in-person concerts and sell CDs to people

Why Do Covers in Particular?

I do cover because a good song is a good song regardless of whether I wrote it or somebody else wrote it; I love the music of the Great American Songbook of the 20th century, and songs from Broadway, and Hollywood movies, and I sing what I like. I also want to sing songs that people know, because I do shows at senior living communities and other venues, and I find people enjoy music better if it’s familiar. I do write songs as well, but I do not perform originals exclusively.

How Do They Tend To Compare To The Originals?

I try to interpret songs in a way that is authentic and respects the intentions of the songwriters who wrote the piece, so my interpretations tend to be quite faithful to the originally published arrangements of the songs.

What Is The Typical Process Of Creating A Cover?

When I perform covers, I try to find the original edition of the sheet music because oftentimes a piece of music will have many different arrangements that have been done over the years, but the most authentic arrangement is typically the originally published arrangement, so once I have a copy of the sheet music, it’s as simple as learning the song and rehearsing the piece with my pianist. Sometimes if I can’t find a good arrangement or if the song isn’t in a good key for me, I’ll do my own arrangement of the piece using Sibelius music notation software, which is a longer process, but I’ve done that quite a few times when I can’t find a satisfactory arrangement of the sheet music.

“Some Day My Prince Will Come” Is A Gorgeous Duet Performance, What Was The Process Like For That Collaboration?

“Some Day My Prince Will Come” wasn’t originally going to be a duet, since it was never intended to be a duet, but I was doing a Disney-themed concert and the pianist who was accompanying me also happened to have a lovely soprano voice, so the thought occurred to me that perhaps we could perform the song as a duet. As it so happens, there are two sets of lyrics for the song, one intended to be sung by a man and one intended to be sung by a woman.

So I thought, what if we each sing the respective sets of lyrics to the piece separately, and then harmonize together at the end? It was really just a spontaneous idea and it happened to come together and work beautifully, and Yunjin Audrey Kim did a wonderful job as my duet partner and pianist for that song; I’m very proud of that recording and pleased that, years after performing it, I still get so many positive comments from people about how much they love my duet version of the song.

What Do You Think About Collaboration? 

I honestly have so very many themed concerts I have done over the years that I don’t think I could tell you what my favourites have been; there are so many. One of my favourites at the moment is a piece I included in a springtime-themed concert called I’ll Remember April; the song is called “One More Walk Around the Garden,” and it is just so poignant and not particularly well-known, so I really enjoy getting to sing that for audiences. “When You Wish Upon a Star” from Pinocchio and “I’ll Be Seeing You” are two of my other favourite songs to sing, but there are really so many others I love to sing as well.

Are There Any Specific Ones That Stick Out As Favourites? Many Of Your Performances Are Performed For A Live Audience, How Does It Compare To Performing Solely For A Camera?

During 2020 and much of 2021, I wasn’t doing any live performances in front of an audience due to Covid, so I started performing in front of a camera just to record concerts without an audience much more often; it was a bit of an odd experience because, on the one hand, it is great to be able to do retakes in case I mess up or my pianist messes up, and it’s less stressful.

On the other hand, I really enjoy the feedback I get from performing in front of a live audience and you simply don’t get that from performing in front of a camera without people watching; I like hearing the applause and the comments that people in the audience make to me after a concert about songs they enjoyed and getting that kind of tangible feedback that is only possible when performing in-person in front of a live audience.

What Are Some Of Your Fondest Memories Throughout Your Music Career?

I have many fond memories throughout my music career. I remember the very first public concert I ever did, I sang a song called “A Perfect Day” written back in 1910 by Carrie Jacobs-Bond, and an elderly woman in the audience came up to me afterwards and was crying, telling me that it had been her mother’s favourite song; things like that mean so much to me. I enjoy being able to evoke happy memories, or sometimes nostalgic but still fond memories, for people, and whenever I get that kind of feedback it makes me happy. Nearly every time I perform at senior living communities I get comments from residents telling me their memories of hearing the songs I was singing or memories that my songs evoked and how much it meant to them, and that means a lot to me.

One of my other fondest memories of performing was doing an all Rodgers and Hammerstein-themed show with several girls between the ages of 9-12 and it was delightful to get to share the stage with such talented young singers and sing duets and ensemble pieces with them. It was really just so much fun for me; the Disney show I did was a similarly fun experience since I also worked with several talented young girls that added such an element of fun to the show.

What Are Some Obstacles Throughout Your Music Career?

The obstacles in my music career have been numerous; Covid has certainly been a big one. Also, given that I perform “old-fashioned” music, it is difficult to find the right venues to perform other than at senior living communities. I don’t sing material that is going to be on Top 40 radio stations, so I have a very particular niche and finding the right audiences and venues for that niche is a challenge. Also, finding an agent who could help me book performances and help me find the right venues to perform is a challenge. And, as I mentioned previously, the shift towards streaming music over purchasing physical copies of music makes it difficult to make money from album sales, but that hasn’t deterred me from continuing to record and release new albums, regardless.

What Advice Would You Give to Musicians Just Starting Out On YouTube?

My advice to performers just starting out with YouTube would be not to put all your eggs in one basket; it’s very hard to get discovered on YouTube. It’s hard to get discovered anywhere, but you should use every outlet available to you, e.g., YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, a personal website, and if you have recorded music, make sure you’re putting it out on streaming services like Spotify, not just for streaming royalties but for the exposure. Use every social media outlet available to you and try to create content consistently that appeals to your audience; if you’re not sure what your niche is, try to figure it out and tailor your content to fit your niche and target it towards your target audience to the best of your ability.

What Are Some Projects You Have In Progress Right Now?

I have several projects I’m working on or have recently completed. I just released an album last month, The Morning After, which is available on most streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc., and is available for sale on CD as well. I am also working on a new show for the Rochester Fringe Festival in Rochester, NY which I’m calling A Little Night Music: Casey Jones Costello Sings Broadway and Beyond, featuring Gail Hyde on piano. The shows are scheduled to take place at the School of the Arts in Rochester, NY during the Rochester Fringe Festival in September, so my pianist and I are rehearsing for those shows right now and plan to record the songs from the new show for an album as well.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

I don’t like to speculate on things too far off in the future; God only knows where I’ll be in 10 years. All I can say is that my aspiration is to be able to perform cabaret-style shows at venues across the United States, Canada, and elsewhere, and be able to make a consistent living by performing for and entertaining audiences of all ages and I hope to have an agent and that I’ll have recorded many more albums; it would be great if I could get signed by a record label, but if that never happens I hope to continue recording and releasing albums myself. It is very difficult to be successful in the music industry, but I love entertaining audiences and love it when people enjoy my music and I hope that I’ll always be able to continue singing and performing for people.

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Concluding Thoughts

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Where To Put Immersion; Lilja Dalgaard Adventures

With all switching styles articles talking about immersion, there isn’t a lot explaining how it’s used when it’s more than just ambience. Here are some more details on how to employ immersion in your RPG, board, or card games. whatever story you’re leading your characters through, music and sound effects can make the game seem more real. That’s what immersion is. Below we dive into the story of Lilja Dalgaard, a barbarian were bear created by Switching Style’s main writer, Dylanna Fisher for a GURPS game played with her family and friends.

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Introduction To Immersion

A game’s immersion draws you in. The act of immersing yourself in something or having a profound mental interest is referred to as immersion. It’s not only about playing the game and getting lost in the dream. It’s about being inside the world itself. Whether you’re in a world of fantasy and magic or a world of science fiction and robots, there are sound effects and tunes that make it seem all that more realistic. We know it’s just a game but they’re called escapes from reality for a reason.

Music is a perfect example of immersion. To get a deeper look into using music to immerse your players into your game, we’re using a direct example. Here’s a character’s (Lilja Dalgaard) first-person perspective of the first game of the story arc. She’s never met these other people before in her life, but fate has brought them together for a reason. Accidents don’t happen in her mind.

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We’ll be going through her adventure and adding in points to change to a different ambience or soundscape. This is a story for Lilja Dalgaard, which will be different than your stories and characters. Remember these are just suggestions inside of a very specific example. Make sure that you tell your story your way. Let us know your playlist by tagging us on social media!!

Lilja Dalgaard’s Prayer in The Tower to Freyja

A generic fantasy setting or a quiet night with crickets is a wonderful place to start. Some fantastic options include “A Forgotten Path 🍃 Chill Lo-fi Beats” By The Bootleg Boy, “Misty Forest ✢ Acoustic Celtic Harp Lullaby – Binaural Rain And Thunder And Ambience” By Blissful Existence Or “Relaxing Zelda Music With Campfire Ambience” By Sam Cisco. Our favourite one for here is “Position Music – Fantasmagora” By Trailer Music World I.

In the following write-up, we’ve added some background music where there is a change of scene. This is one of Lilja Dalsgaard’s very first travels.

I placed the symbols of Freya by my head. As I kneeled, I began to recount my past adventure to her. I told her of the great storm brought down by Thor. At the time I grumbled over the inconvenience. I admitted to Freya that it was a great occurrence.  Without the intervention, I would not have begun this new journey. At the time, I was between contracts. I was heading east, in the direction of wind when the storm hit. It was abrupt and got very violent extremely fast. It forced me to abandon my previous journey and head south. I kept going through the storm attempting to reach a town before it got too bad.  There was a run-down tower ahead of me. It was sketchy and I was sure of my ability that I could make it to a town in one piece.

“Relaxing Ambience Music – Fire Camp at Midnight” By Musiki

Something changed my mind. I strode towards the crumbling building. While there, I met four very odd, different characters, an elf and three humans. All short compared to me. I still can’t remember their names. I am sure I will in time. At first, I was unsure what to think of them, the small one the most. Besides me, she was the only other woman. She was ridiculously small and made me think of Loki. She makes me a bit nervous. Not that she is unhonourable, merely mischievous. The elf didn’t share much about himself, however neither did I. The next male came in with a lavish cloak. He was obviously of some wealth. I was not surprised when he shared the fact that he was a well-to-do merchant.  The other human was excitable. It reminded me of my brother when he was younger. I chuckled at the Comparison.

“Medieval Lo-Fi Vibes” By Llamaloops

Later, he would perform a sleep spell on me. I only picked up the ring by chance. He assaulted me even though I had no intention of keeping it for myself. I was not outraged that he had assaulted me, but rather why he had attacked me. In retrospect, I might have been too harsh on him. He later informed the shopkeeper that he had misplaced the ring. It didn’t matter to me who possessed the ring, but I’m concerned that the short man lied about its whereabouts. I shall, of course, treat him with courtesy, but how can one be honourable if he lies?

“Mighty Vibes Vol 5: Zephrah Radio” By Critical Role

We weren’t there for long before we were attacked by a group of rats. There was one for each of us plus a few. I took one out with one hit. It made a smear on the stoned walls. It was admittedly an underwhelming attack. The event wasn’t all bad though, I had a hearty laugh. One of the rats had spun around and attacked one of its own. I shook my head at them and giggled.

Next, I helped the elf barricade the door at the suggestion of the tiny girl of Loki’s. The elf was taken a bit off guard by my battle axe. I chuckled to my self. I barely noticed the merchant’s absence until I heard a scream. If I hadn’t shoved past the only other female, I would have thought that she was screaming. I burst into the room where he was being attacked by a lesser vagul. I shoved the shocked man to the ground, not causing too many bruises and attacked the beast. It, like the rats, was finished in a moment.

D&D/RPG Combat Music” By Michael Ghelfi Studios

At that moment, I was coming down from berserker. Of all things to ask at a time like that, the merchant offers me a job as a sort of bodyguard. Even funnier than that was his face at my response. I felt no foolishness as I laughed aloud at the memory. Next, we travelled down a corridor and were face to face with a pair of hobgoblins. They barely readied their short swords before I attacked. It took one hit to topple the pair of them. Above us was their camp. They had escaped the storm just as we had.

These were all stories of great strength but there was no bravery, or cunning. Then I sighed, we came upon the undead bugbear. This is a truly worthy story of your Valkyrie. We attacked the massive beast head-on. I was content using my human form to banish this creature back to the depths. Then he made an insult my mother, and I could no longer take it. I bashed my chest and turned into a massive bear.  Then I attacked. I took two attacks and he retaliated. He wounded me. Victory was close I was a few swings away when I felt a sharp pain from a backstabbing arrow. I fell to the ground as the sounds of battle raged around me. The worst part was that I knew I could have defeated him if I had only more time.

“Gladiator | Tranquil Ambient Soundscape with Iconic Music from The Epic Film” By Ambient Worlds

Then I launched an assault. I took two attacks, and he replied. He hurt me. Victory was within reach. I was only a few strokes away when I felt a stinging ache from a backstabbing arrow. As the noises of war erupted around me, I slumped to the ground. The saddest thing was that I knew I could have defeated him if only I had more time.

“D&D Ambience – Generic Dungeon” By Sword Coast Soundscapes

I could tell that he did not intend for his arrow to pierce my pelt. He looked genuinely apologetic. Instead of scaring him like I did to the magic user, I merely called him a runkisse. My mother used to scold me for my mouth. I have learned that there is a place and a time for cursing. Anyhow it is usually difficult to use a bear mouth for human speech, but I had a lot of childhood practice. I chuckle at the memories of Yorick and Karine. As siblings, we would have many play fights where we would taunt each other in bear form. I chuckled

“Nordic Mythical & Pre-Viking Ancestral Ambient” By Paleowolf

I pawed and felt the blonde handprint on my head. I knew what happened that day. The Valkyrie did not choose me. You came down as Val Freya. As a goddess with seidr, you respun my destiny. My life was changed. With that handprint permanently on my brow I will continue to gather stories that can compare to the best of your Valkyrie. The stars are out now Freya. Soon, I will speak to you again. I finished my prayer and opened my eyes. That’s when I came face to face with the small girl. She attempted in vain to make me a pillow, I refused. She kept insisting, eventually, she was satisfied with my undershirt as a blanket. I turned into a bear and snuggled against my cloak for a long night’s sleep.

“8 Hrs Soothing Lake Waves & Birds Chirping for Relaxation – 4k Summer Ambience at Mt St Helens” By Nature Soundscapes

Concluding Thoughts on Lilja Dalgaard

Let me know what you think in the comments below about these examples of immersive background music for the adventures of Lilja Dalgaard. Do you have a favourite song to suggest to us? Thanks for reading switching styles today! It means a lot to the writers. Follow the blog on WordPress or our social media and never miss an update or contest!

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Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics

Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics by Dylanna Fisher. These are merely lyrics to a poem by our very own writer, Dylanna Fisher. What music would you put to these words?

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Flighted Freedom Lyrics

I want to become a bird

If I could

Flying would be my superpower

If I were super

If I had power

A majestic creature so small

But size doesn’t matter

When you’re on top of the world

I want to be beautiful

With shimmering feathers

With shining eyes

That can see what I can’t

I want to away fly 

To cover vast time, space

Until they blur as one

I want to escape 

To something more

I want to go so badly

So far away from here

I want to go

Liberation freedom something more

Something that’s not here 

I want to see something more than the sidewalk

To regain my vision 

I want saving from concrete

It will be for me, myself, mine

I want anything 

Anything, anything, anything

I want to be a bird

To fly away from you

But I can’t leave

I can’t fly

I only have feet and these stairs

Final Thoughts

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What music would you put behind this poem? Do you think one genre over another would be best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Introducing Casey Jones Costello

With beautiful voices of princes, princesses, villains and sidekicks, there’s so much musical wonder in the world of Disney. From the musical notes of Literal Disney Lyrics, Hakuna Matata in different languages, Sleeping beauty cover songs, Disney medleys, Hellfire cover songs, and much more!

Casey Costello with The Voice of a Prince

Follow the movie magic with these soundtrack covers and his magical TikTok account @caseyjcostello. We first saw Costello in Switching Styles in an article about Disney’s snow white soundtrack. The article “Disney and Dreams: Snow White Cover Songs” included his work. Here’s the beautiful cover song that he did of “Some Day My Prince Will Come”. In this profound and powerful duet, Casey Jones Costello and Yunjin Audrey Kim blend their gorgeous vocals with Yunjin’s stunning piano talents.

Introducing The Music Of Casey Costello

“As you might have guessed from my performance of “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” I love to perform a variety of Disney songs, and my repertoire includes Disney songs from different eras, from the 1930s through today. However, I perform a large repertoire of songs in different styles as part of themed programs that I do, and I also compose original songs.” Casey Costello explains to switching styles writer, Dylanna Fisher.

Casey Costello Disney Covers

He has a great amount of music on his YouTube channel right here. We’d love to showcase some of Switching Styles’ favourites of Costello’s Disney parody songs. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite. Switching Styles has compiled a list of fantastic and nostalgic music created by Costello.

Let It Go Originally From “Frozen”

Love Is a Song Originally From “Bambi”

Part Of Your World Originally From “The Little Mermaid”

Fixer Upper Originally From “Frozen”

When You Wish Upon a Star Originally From “Pinocchio”

Part Of Your World Originally From “The Little Mermaid” Piano Karaoke with Lyrics

How Deep Is the Ocean

Make Them Hear You Originally From “Ragtime”


Ravenous Devils Review and Background playlist

Warning – there are limited spoilers in this article where Dylanna Fisher writes a Ravenous Devils Review, the fantastic and gory game by Bad Vices Games. 

 Trigger Warning – this game and the resulting article discuss topics of gore, murder, cannibalism, avoiding the authorities, and tax evasion. Click here to go somewhere else.

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Introducing Ravenous Devils

For those who don’t know about this game, it’s a fantastic game reminiscent of the musical Sweeney Todd. It’s a twisted, creepy, and eerie game where you play a couple that’s starting a new business in a new town. The husband is a tailor that lures victims in and murders them for scrap fabric to sew. He then resells the fabric to other patrons in the second-floor tailor shop. The wife, on the other hand, takes the corpses and cooks them into various meals to sell in the pub on the main floor. That’s the main storyline. For the specifics, you’ll have to play the game or watch playthroughs for yourself.

Ravenous Devils Review

9/10. This game was a lot of fun to play overall. Bad Vice is known for amazing games including Ravenous DevilsSexual Void, and Hippocampus. Despite the extensive and explicit gore, this is a very enjoyable game to play. Loved the game. I’ve grown up on simulation games such as cake mania, diner dash, and roller coaster tycoon. I adore the fast-paced style in simulation games. Plus the commerce aspect is a great small-time goal with regular and obtainable upgrades. This is a great game to play if you’d like to have something casual but are tired of boring idle games.

Shout out to Steam for the achievements, and trading cards that appeal to my completionism. And before you ask, yes. I have completed all the achievements but haven’t gotten all the trading cards. That being said, I’m still in the process of beating the endless mode of the game. Whether there’s an actual beating of it, I’m not sure. But right now the goal is to go through the endless mode and purchase all of the upgrades without being caught by the police.

The ambience is fantastic with the background soundscapes of a pub in Victorian England. The audio also includes sound effects which seem very on point. It adds to the eerie aspect and the queasy nature. Don’t play this game if you have a weak stomach.

As someone who loves musicals like Sweeney Todd, and Repo! The Genetic Opera, I like my spooky with some musical scores for the immersion. For those that want to continue the ambience, I’ve compiled a list of ambient music to keep the eerie and energetic vibe. The inspiration for this playlist has come from Ravenous Devils. Let me know in the comments which ones you like the best.

“Tim Burton Vibes” By Sundew Baggins

“Fantasy Bard/Tavern Music Compilation” By Celestial Draconis

“Dark Music Of Gothic Castles And Fallen Lords” By Cryo Chamber

“VICTORIAN AMBIENCE: Victorian London Thunderstorm (Horses, Bells, Walking On Cobblestone)” By Autumn Cozy

“Ambience/ASMR: Sherlock Holmes Parlour, 221B Baker Street (Victorian London)” By Ambience Of Yesteryear

“Victorian London” By The Vault Of Ambience

“RAIN OVER INNSMOUTH | 10+ Hour Dark Lovecraftian Thunderstorm Ambience” By The Tale Master

“Dark Ambience – Horror Background Music” By Relax Cafe Music


“I See You…. 👀🔪 | Extreme Thriller, Suspense & Fear Background Ambience” By Ambiensis

Concluding Thoughts

Thank you for reading Switching Styles articles and reviews. Make any event a dramatic musical moment with notes of danger and risk. Support Switching Styles and share song suggestions everywhere. Follow us on our email newsletter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share your favourite song suggestions in the comments below.

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Background Music and Immersion: Top Ten Tips

Immersion can be hard to master. However, with practice, expertise, and the proper tune for background music, it becomes simpler. Music or sound effects to increase the ambience are one factor that adds to the overall immersion.

Background sounds to add to your game’s immersion. A survey shows that nearly all of the larping respondents felt that background music and sound effects increased their overall sense of immersion (the computer games journal). Use these scene and music changes to improve your game.

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Top Ten Tips for Immersive Background Music

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten tips for adding immersive music to any kind of game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Set the playlist up ahead of time and just click play to start and next when the next scene change comes up
  • Putter on forums related to TTRPGS or social groups on social media. You don’t need to be active in the groups to learn more tips, tricks, and background music or soundscape suggestions.
  • Change it up each game to keep your players on their toes
  • Try having scene-specific soundscapes. If your players are inside a rowdy tavern, play a soundscape that’s crowded and noisy.
  • Find new sounds. Try different styles, or artists when compiling your playlists. There’s always something new to add to your games.
  • Listen to them beforehand to anticipate any changes in volume or loud bursts of noise.
  • Consider your audience’s preferences and take their advice. The playlist is for immersion for you as much as it is for your players. Collaborate with your players to find new and exciting music.
  • Branch out. It may seem counterintuitive but try different genres for your game. Your western style game could benefit from some spooky soundtracks during a specifically scary night scene.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If the song doesn’t work at the moment or isn’t vibing with your players, take it as a learning opportunity. It’s not a mistake if you learn from it.
  • Follow to get updates on fun and quirky music to add to your game.

Immersive Soundscape Playlist

Here are some ambient playlists, soundscapes, and background tracks to make your game as immersive as possible.

“Jurassic Park Music & Ambience – Amazing Soundscapes and Music” By Ambient Worlds

“Full Hour of Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra Amazing Soundtracks!” By Red Life

“11 HOURS of Rainforest Birds in 4K – Colorful Breathtaking Birds with Sound” by Nature Relaxation Films

Uncle Iroh Plays Tsungi Horn For 20 Minutes” By Saimo

Deep Ocean: 10 Hours of Relaxing Oceanscapes” By BBC Earth

Last Thoughts

Additional immersion information, recommendations, and methods may be found at Let me know in the comments what your favourite music recommendation was! Thank you for taking the time to read today’s update! It means a great deal to the writers. To never miss an update or a contest, follow the blog on WordPress or our social media!

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Inspiration Songs of my Were-Bear Barbarian GURPS Character

I created a character that’s as fierce as a mama bear and twice as big. This is her story and the music that she uses for inspiration. Read below for the Inspiration Songs of my Were-Bear Barbarian GURPS Character!

Introducing Lilja Dalgaard

My name is Lilja Dalgaard. Some people call me half-fish. I was born in the north in a village called Oland. It had short harsh winters, mild summers, and long rainy seasons. I remember playing in the rain as a cub. Our village bordered a river. We had an abundance of ships and an almost endless supply of fish. My mouth waters just thinking of a great white tuna. I know that it may seem as if we just open our doors to pillaging, but what can I say we welcomed a challenge. Our village is one of were-bears. We weren’t concerned. Since we are all bears, we have a sense of community that no other Norse village could have. We belonged and were understood with more than just mere understanding but a twin-like empathy.

Family Life

They say home is where the heart is and with our village it couldn’t be truer. I lived in the longhouse with my parents and my siblings. My brother, Yorick, is just as strong as I am. We are about the same age give or take a few moon cycles.

We always got along like we were best friends. He is the darkest were bear of our family, with a pelt as dark as cold molasses. My father says that he gets the color from his father. My sister has a light tan coat just like my father. She has proven herself as a skilled archer. She is the baby of the family, for now. On my last visit home, my parents told me they are preparing for another baby. The child should be born in about four moons from now. My mother and father met during one of my father’s pillages. He went Viking and came upon her village. Their eyes met and it was love at first sight. She went with my father willingly, and they have been madly in love ever since. I and my mother share the same deep red pelt. Father says that her deep red is one of the things that he fell in love with. My mother, Ronia, and my father, Henrik, are the best that I could ever have asked Odin for.

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I chose to leave my village, not because something was wrong with it, but because I wanted more. I found less and less challenges and inspirations. Freya and Thor aren’t impressed with meagre stories of an easy victory. I needed a new spark. That spark came at the ceremony of my second decade.

Celebration of my Second Decade

There were many others in the village celebrating their second decade. The whole village gathered around the fire and had a feast. We took turns telling stories while we passed around delicious food. It came time for my parent’s story of me.

Story Time: The Monster Under My Bed

When I was little, I was convinced there was a monster under my bed. I was a bit afraid, but I was mostly annoyed.

My parents went back and forth, telling the story. They finished each other’s sentences. They spoke together, with one voice. I found this fascinating. I wanted a love like that; I was convinced I would not find it here.

Anyway, my father had tried to tell me there was nothing there; he tried to scare it away. Still, I was sure it was there. My mother then came in and sat down and told me about a place to the south where girls are told they are weak and need to be protected by men. She laughed and said that we are not those women. We will be handmaidens of Freya and we can’t be afraid. They left and I was alone. Unknown to me at the time, they had stayed by my door to see what I would do. They heard me talking to the monster, telling it to get out from under my bed because it was bothering me and my brother’s sleeping. I put my hands on my hips and told it that if it didn’t stop bugging us, I would turn into a bear. So, I did, I turned into a bear and growled at my bed. With the minster vanquished, I went to bed in bear form.

The circle roared with a chorus of chuckles and cuteness noises. I was a bit embarrassed but there were worse stories.

On The Way Home

While we were on our way home father handed me a leather strap. Dangling from the strap was a large cleric gobbling tooth. It was polished and tattooed with goblin magic runes. He said that when I was a wee babe, a large party of goblins raided the village. In the heat of the battle, I was separated from my mother, who was pregnant with my brother. They found me after the fight was over. I was contently sitting between corpses. holding the tooth and one of the eating knives from that night’s feast. There I was, waving them around, and occasionally sticking the dagger hilt in my mouth. He told me that this was the first of many Freya-worthy stories. From then on, I knew that I wanted to gather honour and victories. Unfortunately, I did not know where.

Starting my Adventures

I had heard of adventurers of distant lands, but I didn’t dwell on them. One day that changed. I met a traveller one day; he was in the inn of our village. We had taken a liking to him even though he was a foreigner. He told such grand stories; the entire inn was listening. I heard tales of ferocious creatures I had never encountered. I had found a spark. There was a land beyond our borders full of stories worthy of Freya and I was going to get them.

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Inspiration Songs for Lilja Dalgaard, my Were-Bear Barbarian GURPS Character

There’s a long list of adventuring music that all adventurers share. There are battle songs and clerical hymns that all characters can relate to. But we’re not talking about any adventurers here. The playlist below is curated for a hardened Norse barbarian with everything to prove.

“If I had a heart” by Colm McGuinness

“Surface Pressure” By Our Last Night Originally By Jessica Darrow

“My Mother Told Me” by Peyton Parrish

“Wolf Totem” Originally by the Hu

“Carry on my Wayward Son” covered by Anthrax Originally by Kansas

“Far over the Misty Mountain Cold” by Geoff Castellucci

“The Call” Originally by Regina Spektor

Final Thoughts

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What are your thoughts on these songs? Are these the songs of a Were-Bear Barbarian GURPS Character? Whose battle ballad held the most pizazz for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Bardic Inspiration; Themed Songs For All Classes To Belt Out

Whether you’re a bard in the middle of combat or a barbarian enjoying a late-night campfire, here are songs to belt out during a LARP game. Here is some Bardic Inspiration with examples of Bardic Songs.

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Sing Bardic Inspiration Aloud for Your Guild.

When it comes to any kind of traditional Roleplaying game be it D&D, GURPS, Pathfinder, Quest, Coyote and  Crow, there’s a bard or a bard-like class. They are the ones that are typically oozing charisma with entertainment. Usually, this is musical entertainment. Bards also appear in many LARP games. Take Refuge LARP or Underworld LARP for example, these two Canadian LARPs have a fantastic and creative community including bards.

Why Would You Sing At A Roleplaying Game?

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That’s honestly a good question. Singing randomly can seem like a weird thing to do that only happens in Disney movies, musicals and that one episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. Despite the love for musical theatre, there are a few varied reasons you’d sing at a LARP.

  • Singing is something your character would do.
  • Performing in real life adds to realism.
  • Impressing the party, the dm, and the plot team with your singing and improv skills.
  • Engaging with the other characters and with the plot.
  • Help your character stand out. This could be either a good or a bad thing.
  • Acts as an excuse to add in a musical number.

Finding The Song for Bardic Inspiration

Fantasy songs for folks to sing during a D&D game or a LARP can be hard to find and even harder to perform. We’ve compiled a list of fantasy songs perfect for your bard! Here are some lively songs to sing around the campfire. Don’t worry, we’ve provided links to the lyrics to help you practice before the game.

“Sunshine” by  Charles Mitchell and Jimmie Davis

Want to convince your players that you’re less evil than they think you are? Sing a song like “that can make even the most roguish character seem trusting and in touch with their emotions.

Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler.

Don’t hesitate to stick with the classics. They’re classics for a reason. There will be both Bonnie Tyler and Shrek fans in the audience. you’re sure to have a few folks singing along. It’s a great idea to add in-game immersion for everyone. Listen to it on Spotify.

Here There Be Witches” by Creature Feature.

Here’s another beautiful and heartfelt classic that’s not just for the bards. Show off your cleric or paladins’ pipes while singing out loud and making all the magic users around nervous. Listen on Spotify!

Wellerman”by Nathan Evans

When it comes to classics, there’s nothing wrong with giving the audience what they want. I promise you someone will want this song whether they specifically request it or not. Sea Shanty’s rule. Save it on Spotify or Deezer.

Save My Soul“ by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Just because it’s a new song doesn’t mean it won’t work for a medieval fantasy setting. Check out this fantastic modern swing revival band from Southern California.

Give That Wench a Sonnet”  by The Poxy Boggards

The combination of Irish folk singing, lively instrumentals, and iambic pentameter makes this song a perfect fit for your bard. especially if they’re very charismatic if you catch my drift.

Come Little Children” by Erutan

Now this song is quite simple and sweet. Around the campfire, this is an ideal song to lull the characters to sleep or into a false sense of security. Either way, “Come little children” is a hauntingly beautiful song.

Mariner’s Revenge Song”, by The Decemberists

Listen to it on Spotify. Ready to go into battle? Not without singing about your motivation, you’re not. Take it from me belting out a woeful song before the war is as effective as an orc barbarian war cry.

 “My Mother Told Me”, an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Cover, by Alina Gingertail

It’s not only bards that could benefit from singing. Consider your lonely barbarian that just happens to have a lovely baritone singing voice. Give them a chance to shine with a song already from within a game. From  Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, this song is sure to give everyone goosebumps or chicken skin.

Misty Mountains”, by Glenn YarbroughRankin And  Bass From The Movie ‘Hobbit’

If you didn’t expect this song to be on the list, then I don’t know what to tell you. Of course, it’s on the list, it’s from Tolkien, one of the main fantasy authors that inspired characters to this day.

Now we only had room for 10 because our writers thought that nobody would read to the bottom of a list of 176 fantasy-inspired songs. Nonetheless, here are our honourable mentions for your listening (and singing) pleasure.

Bardic Inspiration Conclusion

Make any event a spontaneous musical. Whether you’re heading into battle humming one of these or providing a healing word to a tune or even running into battle shrieking music at the top of your lungs, it adds to the immersion of the event. Support Switching Styles and sharing our song suggestions far and wide. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, on our email newsletter. Share your favourite song suggestions in the comments below.


Supernatural Soundscape and Ambient Music

The SPN fandom still has a way to engage with the Winchester family with Supernatural soundscape and ambience audio. Check out some of our favourites in the article below.

Introducing Supernatural the series

Supernatural, the series has been a topic of conversation throughout Switching Styles. Partly because our main writer thoroughly enjoys the SPN fandom. Seriously, check out her work over at with essays like, “Fandoms Saving the World One Altruistic Step at A Time; Online Activism Within the Supernatural Fandom”.

The SPN Family specifically is known for being active. This fan community is more like a family, a sentiment that started when Jared Padalecki referred to the fandom as his family (Fitzpatrick, 2017, para. 9). There are several authors writing about the way that the Supernatural Fandom is as close-knit as a family including Mary Frances Casper or Zubernis and Katherine Larsen. These authors discuss how fandom is akin to a family because of the interactions and connections between not only the fans themselves but between them and the cast and crew (Casper 2014; Zubernis and Larsen, 2012). Those interactions and relationships have merely become stronger as the show continues (PicklePegg, 2011, ch. 5, para. 32). The SPN Family is described affectionately and accurately as the SPN Family.

Comparative to others, the Supernatural Fandom goes beyond and has become an altruistic force in a way that other fan cultures haven’t (Casper 2014, Jackson 2015; PicklePegg, 2011, ch. 5, para. 31–32). The ideals of the show Supernatural transfer to the fans, “It’s this unshakeable commitment to family, regardless of circumstance, which resonates with fans and creates the fandom’s underlying personality” (Casper 2014, pg. 79).

Dylanna Fisher, 2021 –

Headed by the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean are played by Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles, respectively. This series is a story of adventure but most importantly family. Did you know that the actors from the show have started several charity organizations over the decades? The most prominent projects are Random Acts, GISH WISES, Always Keep Fighting, T-Shirt Campaigns, and the SPN Family Crisis Support Network. (Supernatural Wiki).

Winchester Audio Atmosphere

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Have you ever thought to yourself while watching Supernatural, ‘man if I could study beside Sam Winchester, I could ace this final exam’? That’s exactly what we’re here to provide. Need a super chill environment to study for your learners? try out the Supernatural Ambiance by Annelies Mohle. It’s designed to be relaxing. Want to focus specifically on academics like Sam Winchester before Season 1? Here’s the audio and soundscape from Bobby’s Cabin. Need something with a bit of excitement? Listen to the atmospheres of Crowley’s Personal Office!

Switching styles has compiled an extensive list of supernatural ambiances for your various focusing and relaxing needs.

Motel Soundscape/Ambience | Supernatural ASMR (With Talking) By Adri’s Ambience
Witchcore ◈ Autumn Forest 🍂 Good Witch Cabin By ASMR Weekly
Cozy Fall Coffee Shop Ambience: Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain Sounds For Studying, Relaxation, and Sleep By Calmed By Nature
Supernatural Ambience Sound ASMR | Research at Bobby’s House By Ambientcat
Supernatural ASMR || In the Bunker with Sam, Dean, Cas and Charlie By Adri’s Ambience
Research At Bobby’s House | Very Subtle Talking From Other Room By Sammitches
Supernatural Destiel ASMR | Driving Home From A Hunt With Castiel and Dean (Rain + Talking) By Moonlight
ASMR Ambience
Library Sounds | Study Ambience By The Guild of Ambience
Haunted Church Ambience 👻⛈️ By The Dea
d of Night
Supernatural Wayward Sisters Ambient By Moonlight ASMR Ambience

Last Thoughts

Want to support Switching Styles as we grow? Check out our music-themed merchandise at Redbubble. There’s a little of everything for everyone: mugs, prints, notebooks, posters, pillows, and musically inspired fashion.

Listen to Fantastic Christmas Cover Songs by Jason Greiner

Christmas cover songs are here to save the day. Read these switching styles articles to get the most out of your Christmas playlist.

Christmas Music

Christmas is just around the corner, but Christmas songs have been in our heads for weeks. If you’re wishing for something else, anything else, you’re not alone.

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Fun fact: According to Spotify, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, Andy Williams, and John Lennon were all among the top 10 songs of 2018 along with Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé.

A Spotify-backed firm called Soundtrack Your Brand polled 2,000 individuals in the US and the UK this fall about their thoughts on Christmas music. It is not at all unexpected to hear that 25% of British and 17% of US consumers “actively” dislike Christmas music. Switching styles isn’t surprising but what do we do about it? Change it up.

Once your popular Christmas song has become a meme for predictability, it’s probably time to try something else. We’re looking at you, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. Although this typically is a time for jolly tunes until they start getting repetitive and become a meme that nobody wants to share. Isn’t it time for some quirky Christmas covers? We think so!!

Alternative Christmas Songs

Switching Styles is back with some holiday covers to change up your Christmas playlist. We’re not telling you to add these to your work playlist right at this very second. But we’re not telling you not to.

Fun fact: Since 2020, Christmas music has grown even more in popularity. In comparison to other years, holiday music on Spotify increased by 25% during the winter of 2020.

Photo by cottonbro studio on

What could be better than some original Christmas cover songs throughout the holiday season? Jason Greiner has been a musician for a while. has created innumerable covers, some of which feature these wonderful Christmas melodies. You have a variety of tunes to choose from, including “Santa Claus Is Blitzed Tonight,” “Jingle Bell Spock,” “Frosty the Glow Man,” “Circlin’ around the Parking Lot,” and “Silver Hair.”

Comedy Christmas covers

We’re thrilled to present Jason Greiner’s Christmas album covers. He is not just a frequent musician but also one of our guest authors. For suggestions to include in your Spotify Christmas playlist, see the selections below.

“I Want A Lobotomist For Christmas” (Parody Of I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas)

“Frosty The Glow Man” (Parody Of Frosty The Snowman)

“Fleas On My Dog” (Parody Of Feliz Navidad)

“Jingle Bell Spock” (Parody Of Jingle Bell Rock)

“Silver Hair” (Parody Of Silver Bells)

“I Got A, A Leaky Faucet” (Parody Of Mele Kalikimaka)

“Circlin’ Around The Parking Lot (Parody Of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree)

“Holiday music is one of the many things that come together to give people the full and wonderful experience of the season. Decorations, food, gift giving, they all have their part and music is no different,” explains Jason Greiner.

Greiner isn’t the only person to notice the importance and prevalence of Christmas Music. Katherine Wiles explains in an article from, “Christmas music is a major component of the season. And with seemingly every artist putting out a Christmas album (Snoop Dogg’s “Christmas In The Dogghouse” anyone?). It’s a reliable money-maker. After all, the best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Happy Holidays!!

Which Christmas cover is being added to your holiday playlist?