Music To Beat Procrastination.

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Beat that procrastination with these high-energy songs.

Everyone has been there. It’s crunch time. You’ve done all the procrastination you can. Maybe it’s a school assignment that has only your name and date on it so far. Or maybe it’s paperwork to complete for your work. Maybe it’s a huge presentation you’re hoping will launch your career. 

Time To Overcome Procrastination!

The fact that you looked up this article and started reading it is your sign that it’s time to get your to-do list done. There are a lot of tips and tricks to combat procrastination as well as prevent it. Procrastination happens. Make sure you know how to help yourself when it happens. The first and most important tip for beating procrastination is to give yourself compassion and patience. Give yourself some slack and move forward calmly and with forgiveness. 

Tips For Overcoming Procrastination.

Whether it’s putting off work, chores, or personal goals, procrastination is a common issue many struggle with. It can be challenging to break the cycle of procrastination, but many strategies can make you more productive. In this article, we’ll look at some practical methods for overcoming procrastination so you can start working toward your objectives. Below we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to fight against procrastination. 

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Crunch Time

Set aside some time each day. Even 10 minutes is enough to work on a project. During that time, you only do things that have been stressing you out. Even if it is not a ‘priority task,’ if it has been a cause of stress, spend time working towards its completion. This could be as simple as replying to an email or removing the garbage.

Make A List

Make a list of things that need to be done, and then list what you want to do instead of those things. Alternate doing one task from each list. Set yourself a timer if that helps to switch between the tasks.

Accountability Buddy

An accountability buddy is someone that will hold you accountable for doing a particular task. An accountability buddy, for example, could be a co-worker that you both leave at the same time to avoid working late or a gym buddy with whom you regularly go together to work out. The reason these works is due to our brain’s reward system.

Keep A To-Do List

Prioritize the list and then list out the steps for each of them. Then do the first step of the first one. It might be a small step, but it’s still a step! This can help keep you organized and visualize your tasks as you finish them.

Group Procrastination

Get together with other procrastinators in a focused anti-procrastination group. This is common among students, writers, and artists during tight deadlines and high procrastination. One way to do this would be to meet in a local café, library, or university and work on various projects together. You can add specific spins if they would work better for your group, such as a list or roundtable about who’s working on what. Another example would be that everyone puts in a loonie or a dollar bill in the centre of the table. Whoever finishes their task first gets the loonies. Another option is that the first person to finish then helps the others to complete their tasks, and at the end everyone goes out for dinner.

Tell A Friend Your Plans For The Day

Having a group, friend, or someone there physically or virtually is a beautiful way to combat procrastination.

“Telling people that we’re going to get something done can powerfully amplify the appeal of actually taking action because our brain’s reward system is so highly responsive to our social standing,” explains Caroline Webb of the Harvard Business Review.

Music Playlists To Avoid Procrastination.

Below is a playlist for your ‘Get stuff done’ day. When lo-fi covers help you focus but don’t help you stay away, get a heavier beat to sharpen your focus. Below we have some high-energy songs for you in our Beat Procrastination Playlist!

“Poké & Chill” By Gamechops

“Cleaning With Mikey (TMNT 2012 Inspired Ambience)” By Take A Breath Ambience

“80’s Horror Synthwave” By White Bat Audio.

“New Evil Morty Theme Song” By Froxal

“Tales From The Crypt” By Remix Maniacs.

“The Working Dead” Covered By Jellzy, Originally By Kate Micucci From Steven Universe

“All The Way” Jacksepticeye Songify Remix By Schmoyoho

“Get Your Shit Together” is a Rick And Morty Remix Song By Royishgoodlooks.

“We Are Number One” Remixed By The Living Tombstone, Originally Composed By Máni Svavarsson And Performed By Stefán Karl Stefánsson (Robbie Rotten) From Lazytown.

Of course, we’re unable to get everyone’s favourites onto this list. Please share your favourites on our social media!

Final Thoughts

Switching Styles is here to bring you what you need from a playlist in your day-to-day life. Whether you’ve got a midterm coming up, spring cleaning, or an important group presentation with Gary, who’s always late but brings the best PowerPoint presentations, here are a few song suggestions to help you get the vibe up.

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