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Featured Picture: Beetle orchestra (Coloured Pencil). Estonia: National Archives of Estonia

“Orchestras are a vital part of America’s musical landscape and civic life. America is brimming with extraordinary musicians, live concerts, and orchestras as unique as the communities they serve. Orchestral music-making is flourishing in our country, encouraging creativity and bringing people together to share the experience of live music. Orchestras fuel local economies, attract new business development, educate young people, and—through the power of music unite individuals and cultures in times of public celebration and healing.”

Explains The League of American Orchestras

In contrast to modern music which is predominantly lyrical, orchestral music is a seemingly hidden genre. But that isn’t the case. From the League Of American Orchestras, statistics and data are showing the prominence of Orchestras.

“At last count, an estimated 105,000 musicians performed in some 1,600 orchestras across the United States. Orchestras offered over 28,000 performances – of which about 28% were free of charge – and reached 24.9 million people,” reads the March 2019 report, Orchestras at a Glance.

This also rings true north of the border. Orchestras Canada has found this in their reports. From a Presentation to Orchestras Canada from the Canada Council for the Arts, they’ve found the following.

  • 2,675 performances were presented publically
  • 2,340 were programmed and presented locally
  • 303 were presented nationally
  • 32 were presented internationally
  • Total attendance: more than 1.87 million

There’s something simplistic and yet so complex about instrumental music. Within an orchestra, there are several diverse instruments such as woodwind, brass, percussion, and string. Each of them adds its own sound to the overall melody of the song.

“The Lord did not people the earth with a vibrant orchestra of personalities only to value the piccolos of the world. Every instrument is precious and adds to the complex beauty of the symphony.”

~Joseph B. Wirthlin

Mr. Wirthlin has a point. There’s so much music that one single person can offer. Each person offers a diverse sound. Together they combine into a beautiful orchestra.

There’s something elegant about orchestral music, even the word orchestral is in itself elegant. Below are some orchestral covers to spice up your date night. These will add a pop of fun and a bit of elegance.

Metamorphestra’s orchestral cover of “Chop Suey” Originally by System of a Down

Albert Chang, Lily, Tiffany Chang, Josh Kim, Niall Ferguson’s Orchestral Cover of “Legends Never Die” Originally by and from League of Legends

The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra‘s Orchestral Cover of the Main Menu Theme From Fortnite

Orchestral Cover of “Afterlife” By Avenged Sevenfold arranged by Sašo Vindiš and performed by a school orchestra, conducted by Blaž Šoba.

Marc v/d Meulen‘s Viola and Cinematic Orchestral Cover of “Awake and Alive” originally by Skillet 

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