A Q&A with Adrian Sutherland

Advertisements Switching Styles is bringing you an exciting Q&A with Adrian Sutherland for your reading pleasure. Check out more about Adrian here. Introducing Sutherland Adrian Sutherland is not just a musician but also a Singer, songwriter, writer, speaker, father, grandfather, and advocate for First Nations. There’s more to his work than just mere activism. from Attawapiskat First Nation on the James Bay, he’s a traditional … Continue reading A Q&A with Adrian Sutherland

Covid-19’s impact on YouTube Cover artists; Interview with KDrummer 16

Advertisements KDrummer 16 Is a drummer working on his music career during the pandemic. Below he dives into your questions in a Q&A with Switching Styles. Introduction The covid pandemic has impacted so many different aspects of the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it hard for many citizens around the world to function day to day. The pandemic has interrupted normal functions such as … Continue reading Covid-19’s impact on YouTube Cover artists; Interview with KDrummer 16

With Ether Q&A

Advertisements With Ether has been rocking the internet with their skillful and intricate guitar arrangements both original and covers. Below is an interview between With Ether and Switching Style’s very own Dylanna Fisher. Interviews such as this give a great insight into the heart of the music industry, our musicians. Check out With Ether’s work on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and so many more.   How … Continue reading With Ether Q&A

Featuring With Ether

Advertisements With Ether is made up of two amazing musicians. Simon Leong and Alasdair Poon are an Acoustic Guitar Duo that specializes in Guitar music, Covers, Originals themed around video games, anime, and pop culture. “In Japanese Role-Playing video games, Ether is an item commonly used to restore the player’s life force; in 2009, we formed with a mission statement to create music with that … Continue reading Featuring With Ether

Hold Music From The View Of The Customer

Advertisements Hold Music From The View Of The Customer Hold music brings a little something something to the stresses of being on hold. Being on hold is something that everyone has had to sit through in one way or another. The modern world is built on technology and that includes a lot of phone calls and thus, a lot of hold music. Whether it’s a … Continue reading Hold Music From The View Of The Customer