Combining Meditation and Music

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Combining Meditation and Music; Guest Blog written by Rachel Rabalais.

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Meditation is great for the mind and body.

There is so much stress in day-to-day life for so many different people, depending on your lifestyle but meditation is a great way for everyone to unwind and clear their mind. Meditation has been practiced for approximately 1500 years and music started 35,000 years ago.

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How do these two coincide?

Both music and meditation help calm the mind. Some people enjoy listening to relaxing music while practicing meditation because it models an interaction, they wish they could experience such as sitting on a beach with the wind in their hair or a cozy cabin listening to the rain tapping on the window sitting next to a warm crackling fire.

Music is a great way to express our emotions and meditation is a great way to let those emotions out and learn to let go of them and find peace and tranquillity. It depends on how long you plan to meditate. Some meditation music is set by minutes/hours.

Some meditation music is categorized by what specifically calms you down such as rain, fireplace sound effects, piano, etc. Think about what sounds relax you. Everyone is different and has had their own experiences in life that explain what calms them.

At the end of the day, we know sounds can have a positive effect on the mind and music can help calm the body and soul, that’s why you should try meditation at least once when life continues to be hectic. It might change your life!

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