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Adrian Sutherland

Who is Adrian Sutherland?

Adrian Sutherland is a Roots-Rocker, singer, songwriter, hunter, hockey player, handy husband, family man, friend, from Canada’s Far North.

Growing up in northern Ontario, Adrian is an Attawapiskat First Nation as well as an entrepreneur in the food and music industries. He’s gained popularity as a Canadian musician with a steady career in music starting with a band called, Midnight Shine. After publishing two albums with the band, he started a solo career.

Adrian’s background is vital to who he is as a person, a father, and a musician.

He explains, “I have been raised by relatives in the far north in a hunter-gatherer village; this is what helped shape who I am today. Education has always been valued by my family; it is the true path forward towards reconciliation. Leadership, culture, education, and traditions matter”.

Media Support for Adrian Sutherland

“Fans should look north to Attawapiskat for some of the most expansive and expressive rock

being made in Canada today…” —Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things & 102.1 The Edge (Canada)

“That voice! It’s a tour de force on Big City Dreams! Great songs, great players, great producers…

I hope this album brings Adrian Sutherland the recognition he so clearly deserves…”

—John Kendle, Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)

“I was pleasantly surprised by the single Magic Hits. It seems like an evolution in Adrian’s

sound, and you can’t really go wrong with Colin Linden… —Darryl Sterdan, Tinnitist (Canada)

“The album features nine cuts that range from tender ballads with strings to atmospheric productions

to poppy roots, all delivered with an emotional honesty…” —Top 100 Canadian Blog (Canada)

“When The Magic Hits is a remarkable debut album that convinces with good

songwriting without compromises…” —Der Kultur Blog (Germany)

“The ‘spirit’ of the Indigenous people seems to have crept in somehow every now

and then, you can feel it subliminally. And seen in this way, an exciting mixture was

created that produces an idiosyncratic expression…” —RockTimes (Germany)

“When The Magic Hits is pure magic…” —WCSF Radio (USA)

Highlights of Sutherland’s Covers

Covers are a great way to take something that’s already amazing and alter it to make something entirely new. That’s exactly what Sutherland has done.

“My Hero” Cover by Adrian Sutherland.

Adrian Sutherland performed My Hero originally by the foo Fighters. This was a special cover requested in memory of flight paramedic Dustin Dagenais with Ornge emergency services in Northern Ontario.

“Heart Of Gold” Cover by Adrian Sutherland

Sutherland’s cover of “Heart of Gold” originally by Neil Diamon has sent waves through national and international headlines. The lyric has Mushkegowuk Cree translations by Adrian Sutherland himself. This version is of course different from the original but it still “honours the heart and soul of the original” as Sutherland explains.

Final Thoughts

Adrian Sutherland is not a musician to underestimate. As described on his websites, “After building his own recording studio in a sea-can out of necessity during the pandemic, Adrian completed tracking for his debut solo album (coming September 17). He also finished scoring his first television series and began writing his first book for Penguin Random House Canada about growing up in Attawapiskat – a remote and sometimes-harsh place he still chooses to call home”.

Upcoming shows and projects are available through his website and social media. Follow Adrian Sutherland and Switching styles to keep up to date on current projects and so much more.

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