Covering the IT Soundtrack

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Everyone has heard the It soundtrack at this point. As a horror movie junkie, I have a neutral opinion on remade classic horror flicks. There are some that just can’t be made again in a way that does the first justice.  Frankly, I loved It. Both the original and the remake.

Introducing the IT Soundtrack

Andy Muschietti did do justice to the work of Stephen King and Tommy Lee Wallace by recreating the story of Pennywise. This goes hand in hand with the musical soundtrack originally by Richard Bellis. Benjamin Wallfisch was responsible for the original motion picture soundtrack of both chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the It remakes. Though it’s not the only horror movie score he’s brought to life. Other horror films that include his compositions include Shrooms (2007), Red Riding Hood (2011), Dracula (2013), Lights Out (2016), A Cure for Wellness (2016),  Annabelle: Creation (2017), The Darkest Minds (2018)  and Hellboy (2019).

Covering the IT Soundtrack

Now let’s hear some musicians that have done justice to the music of It.

“It Medley” by Alexop

“It Piano Medley” By Marco Tornatore

“IT Trap Remix” By Onderkoffer

Every 27 Years (Reprise) By DJA28

Which musician did you like the best? Comment below!

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