Covid-19 Negatively Impacts on Music Audience Confidence says National Survey

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it's been difficult to do much of anything. This includes making a living.  It's harder for those that rely on groups and in-person connection.

Would you go to a concert for your favourite musician? What about during a pandemic?

Covid-19 is a pandemic that has impacted nearly every aspect of Canadians’ lives. This is especially true for in-person events such as live music. In the case of live music, most audience members are hesitant to return to their music-loving during the pandemic even as the limitations are being lifted.  One in five Canadians has had a live music event postponed while another 20% have had events cancelled due to the pandemic. 

National Survey

Teaming up with Audacity Data, Music Canada sent out a survey to citizens across Canada to gauge their reactions to live music during a pandemic. The data showed that most people even those that love live music performances are still wary of meeting in large groups despite their love for music and live performances.

For  “live music lovers” (those who regularly attend live music concerts or events pre-pandemic), the percentages are even higher. Over a third of events that music lovers planned to attend had been postponed (39%) or cancelled (43%).

Half of all Canadians don’t know if they’d ever be comfortable going to a live performance in the states while 32% say it will take at least six months to be comfortable again.  

Even the most avid music lovers are reluctant to return quickly even after physical distancing guidelines are lifted. Less than 40% would feel comfortable in a few months or less. Many more 43% would feel comfortable in six months or more.

Among self-described live music lovers

  • 49% say it will take six months or more, or they may never feel comfortable at large venues.
  • 48% feel the same way about going to a music festival.
  • 68% say it will take six months or more, or they may never feel comfortable again going to a concert in the United States.
  • 58% say that the cancellation of live music events has made them feel worse about the pandemic which is 34% higher than the average person.

Abacus data in conjunction with Music Canada will revisit the same survey, later on, to see if the anxiety surrounding the quarantine will lessen. Keep an eye out for the survey here.

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