Disc Golf Newcomers Welcome

Disc Golf Newcomers

Edmonton, AB – Compared to many sports, disc golf has some of the lowest barriers to entry across Canada. This has contributed to its quick growth.

From 2019 to 2020 alone, there’s been a 33% increase in disc golf games according to Udisc, a mainstream disc golf scoring app and PDGA. That’s not all, according to PDGA’s Annual Report, there are over 53k members worldwide with over 70k in 2020.

There are many reasons for its recent boost in popularity. Disc golf is a wonderful game. It’s a competitive sport that has low barriers to entry, increased accessibility, socially distancing, and noncontact.

A Disc Golf course photograph
Photograph by Jeffrey of Flickr

For those that aren’t familiar with the sport, its name is spot on. Its rules are similar to golf except instead of golf balls and clubs, there are discs or frisbees. Just like golf, the objective is to get the disc in the targe, or the hole in as few tries as possible.

Disc golf has gained popularity throughout Alberta at the start of the pandemic and has exploded in popularity since. Now new and returning players are needing a course to play. There are over 8,000 disc golf courses worldwide, with more being installed every day. Finding a game of great and local disc golf can be difficult depending on your location. There are several organizations throughout southern Alberta, as well as community groups that host the games.

The PDGA has a huge database of disc golf courses with thousands of them throughout the entire globe. In terms of Alberta, there are over 60 different courses spread throughout the province.

The sport itself is low cost, minimal risk, and low difficulty. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder that the player base has increased so much in such a brief time. Especially in Alberta, this is an increasingly popular sport like golf but utilizes frisbees or discs instead.

Tim Plamondon of the president of the Edmonton disc golf association explains, “that’s how I would describe it. At the end of the day and it’s just golf and anyone majority of people know golf and understand conceptually what it is. You whack a ball into a hole.”

Plamondon explains that it’s a wonderful and open community. It’s a trait he’s certainly seen displayed on the field.

“It’s extremely common to compete with people who are also boosting you as you play. Disc golf is a sport where everyone wants everyone to succeed,” says Plamondon.

Disc Golf Parodies

Here are some musical parodies about disc golf to get you in the mood to start this new sport.

“Disc Golf King” By Bizzair (Profanity Warning)
“Winnebago” By Vally & Rocket
“I Hit A Tree Again” By Back Of The Box Disc Golf
“Sound Of Silence” Disc Golf Parody By Isadg
 “Disc In The Trees” By Discgolfmonkeys
“Paired In Dubs” A “Wicked Game” Disc Golf Parody By Montcalm Gems

Final Thoughts

Check out the Calgary Disc Golf Club Events, as well as these additional databases, Disc Golf United Course LocatorUdisc Course DirectoryPDGA Course Directory, or DG Course Review, to find a disc golf course nearby you.

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