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Switching Styles Disclaimer Agreement | Effective Date July 2, 2023, Last Updated July 2, 2023

Switching Styles Ownership and Operation

Transparency Matters

Content Disclaimer – SwitchingStyles.ca

Family-friendly content and age restrictions

Our blog offers a diverse range of music and entertainment-related content. While we strive to keep it family-friendly, we want to inform you that specific posts may not be suitable for all audiences. We are committed to maintaining transparency and ensuring a safe environment for our readers, so we provide a content disclaimer.

Family-Friendly Content 

PG-13 Rated Content 

However, some articles may refer to violent video games, mature themes, and humour. Such content is rated at least at a PG-13 level, and reader discretion is advised.

Reader Discretion Advised 

Age-Appropriate Decision 

Disclaimer for Sponsored Content, Links, and Products

Sponsored Content 

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Affiliate Links 

Products and Services 

Any products or services offered on SwitchingStyles.ca are provided “as is,” we do not make any warranties or guarantees regarding their performance, suitability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Please carefully review the product/service details before making any purchases.

Content Accuracy and Personal Responsibility

Profanity, Mature Themes, and Adult Humour

External Links Disclaimer

Copyright and Intellectual Property

All content on the Switching Styles Music Blog, including text, graphics, images, and other material, is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Use of any content requires our express written permission.

Copyright Statement


Modifications and Updates

Further Legal Pages

For more information about our website and Switching Styles, we encourage you to visit the following legal pages.

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