Science Fiction Classics With Great Soundtracks: Top Ten Sci-Fi Films

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Science Fiction Classics With Great Soundtracks: Top Ten Sci-Fi Films by Dylanna

Introduction to Science Fiction Classics

Science fiction (S.F. or sci-fi) is a genre of fiction that explores the impact of actual or imagined scientific advancements on society. The term “science fiction” gained popularity in the 1920s through the efforts of Hugo Gernsback, an influential American publisher. Classic science fiction films and television shows evoke a sense of curiosity and excitement. These films offer a unique way to reconnect with our sense of wonder; however, if you cannot entirely focus on watching a movie or want to enjoy its soundtrack, science fiction film scores can supply an immersive experience.

Common Characteristics Of Science Fiction Films

Science fiction is often called the “literature of ideas” and encompasses many futuristic concepts. These imaginative narratives can explore space travel, time travel, encounters with aliens, or even the existence of mutants. Regardless of the specific setting and characters, science fiction stories tend to be complex and intricately detailed and often delve into deeper themes and social commentary, sometimes in a satirical manner. Some common elements found in science fiction novels and films include time travel, teleportation, mind control, telepathy, telekinesis, aliens, extraterrestrial life forms, space travel, interplanetary warfare, parallel universes, fictional worlds, alternative histories, speculative technology, superintelligent computers, and robots.

Science Fiction’s Best Films

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 The 2010s witnessed an impressive array of films that captivated audiences and critics alike. From grand epics shot on gigantic IMAX cameras like “Dunkirk” to movies captured entirely on iPhones like “Tangerine,” the decade offered diverse cinematic experiences. Notable films included “The Artist,” a modern silent movie, and “Boyhood,” a unique project that spanned 12 years of filming. The decade also saw the rise of superhero movies, with box office hits like “Avengers,” “Black Panther,” and “Incredibles 2” receiving critical acclaim. The horror and science fiction genres experienced a renaissance, with films such as “Get Out,” “It Follows,” “The Babadook,” and “Hereditary” leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Additionally, the return of the “Star Wars” franchise and the release of films like “Ex Machina,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “Blade Runner 2049” demonstrated the mind-blowing journeys that science fiction films could take us on.

Top Ten Film Soundtracks

“The Matrix” (1999)

A computer hacker discovers the truth about the reality of humanity and joins a rebellion against powerful machines.

“The Fifth Element” (1997)

This film features an uplifting dose of universal brotherhood and an engaging soundtrack.

“A Clockwork Orange”

Using Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian future creates a chilling contrast between the beauty of the music and the disturbing events on screen.

“E.T. the Extraterrestrial”

John Williams’ score for the 1982 film is now synonymous with the iconic image of a flying bike-riding alien against the moon.

“28 Days Later”

The fusion of Fauré’s Requiem with a post-apocalyptic zombie horror film results in a unique and haunting soundtrack.

“Ex Machina” (2014)

This thought-provoking sci-fi thriller raises ethical questions about creating and imprisoning artificially intelligent beings, with a score that enhances the film’s atmosphere.

“Ghost in the Shell”

This influential cyberpunk film addresses themes of Eastern philosophy, cyber terrorism, and humanity, accompanied by a memorable soundtrack by Kenji Kawai.

“Tron: Legacy” (2010)

Serving as a sequel to the original “Tron,” this film combines futuristic visuals with a captivating electronic score.

“Space Oddity Soundtrack” (2023)

The soundtrack for the film “Space Oddity” features various songs that enhance different scenes, ranging from comedic to romantic and science fiction-oriented.

“M3gan Soundtrack” (2022)

The soundtrack for “M3gan” includes a collection of 37 songs accompanying various scenes in the movie.

These science fiction classics with memorable soundtracks offer a captivating audiovisual experience that enhances the storytelling and immerses audiences in the fantastical worlds of these films.

Need Even More Sci-Films With Amazing Soundtracks?

If you’re looking for more science fiction film recommendations and information about soundtracks, here are some resources to explore:

The Guardian: The Guardian’s film blog offers a top 10 list of sci-fi movies. While the article doesn’t specifically focus on soundtracks, it provides insights into influential sci-fi films. You can read the article here: https://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2013/oct/16/top-10-sci-fi-movies

Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten Tomatoes has a comprehensive guide to the best sci-fi movies of the 2010s. This list includes films that received critical acclaim during the decade. You can find the list at the following link: https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/the-50-best-sci-fi-movies-of-the-2010s/

IMDb: IMDb, a famous film database, provides a search feature where you can explore science fiction movies and their ratings. You can access the IMDb search for sci-fi movies here: https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?title_type=feature&genres=sci-fi

Exciting Engineering: Interesting Engineering has an article highlighting seven atmospheric science fiction soundtracks worth revisiting. The report focuses specifically on the music and its impact on the films. You can check out the article here: https://interestingengineering.com/culture/7-atmospheric-science-fiction-soundtracks-that-you-should-definitely-revisit

MovieWeb: MovieWeb features a list of favourite movie soundtracks of 2023, which includes selections from various genres, including science fiction. You can explore the article here: https://movieweb.com/favorite-movie-soundtracks-of-2023/

These resources offer a range of information and recommendations for science fiction films and their soundtracks. Whether you’re interested in exploring classic sci-fi movies or discovering recent releases, these sources can provide valuable insights and suggestions.


In conclusion, Science Fiction classic films have captivated audiences for decades, offering imaginative narratives and thought-provoking themes. The genre’s classics, accompanied by memorable soundtracks, continue inspiring and transporting viewers to otherworldly realms. Sci-fi movies have greatly influenced our culture, including “Blade Runner,” “Star Wars,” and “2001: A Space Odyssey.” The fusion of visuals, storytelling, and music in science fiction films creates an immersive experience that resonates with fans worldwide. Whether exploring dystopian futures, or intergalactic adventures, science fiction continues to push boundaries and ignite our imagination. So, sit back, enjoy the mesmerizing soundtracks, and embark on a journey into the vast universe of science fiction cinema.

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