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There’s a reason we’re bringing you Disney Medleys. Disney has the connotations of childhood whimsy; of nostalgia and magic, of stories that make people happy. They’re classics, and they’re classics filled with music. The most well-known Disney movies each have iconic songs. The Little Mermaid (1989) has the song “Part Of Your World”. Aladdin (1992) has “A Whole New World”. Tarzan (1999) has “Strangers Like Me”. Frozen (2013) has “Let It Go”. The list goes on. Basically, there’s a lot of singing going on in Disney movies.

I Don’t Sing

Only a few characters ever commented on the fact that everyone is singing like Robert Philip from Enchanted (2007). He keeps wondering why everyone is joining in and is actively avoiding the musical outbursts in this scene.

Then another well-known character that goes against the singing is Flynn Rider from Tangled (2010). He refused to sing “I’ve got a Dream”  while slightly judging the content of the song, and was then coerced into singing about his dreams by a group of sword-wielding dreamers.

Nevertheless, music is most definitely a part of Disney movies and most likely will be for the rest of the time. Disney soundtracks seem to be a genre of music all its own in a way. These songs are in our hearts and in our minds because they’re cute, catchy, and essentially everywhere.

Disney Medleys

Now for the main part of this article; Disney medleys. These are full of the same nostalgia and magic of the original Disney songs just multiple in a single song. A medley is a combination of a bunch of different things, a potpourri if you will. Disney medleys are a patchwork quilt of Disney songs that combine different sections of songs from several movies.

There are several medleys of specific movies such as this Hercules medley by the University of Illinois A Cappella group and this other Hercules medley by Georgia Merry or this Moana medley by Voiceplay.  These are medleys with songs from a specific movie.

Highlighting Disney Medleys

But for now, this is a focus on Disney medleys that use songs from multiple Disney movies.

Here’s an amazing medley by Peter Hollens and Whitney Avalon looking at the famous songs of  Disney’s most notorious villains. There’s also a fantastic version done with sign language by GiannaSigns.

This powerful medley is brought forth by the powerful voices of Invivas. Their voices are fantastic and really bring the medley to life.

This is a chilling medley by VoctaveKirstin Maldonado, (vocalist for Pentatonix) and her partner, Jeremy Michael Lewis. As an a capella medley, you only hear their voices and it’s ever so peaceful.

Bailey Andrews, Trey Duffey, Euseph Messiah, Anna Beth Burnett, among others bring together this fantastic upbeat medley.

Committed presents Men of Disney, a fantastic acapella Disney medley. Together they bring forward a high-energy medley with great vocals.

Georgia Merry and her gorgeous voice are pretty Princess perfect for a Disney medley focused on princesses. If you like it, here’s part two to the Epic Disney Princess Medley.

Here’s a spectacular Disney medley by Nick Piterea. Nick brings such a range of vocals to the medley switching through the songs beautifully.

We’ve already had a medley by Peter Hollen but here’s another Disney medley in collaboration with Alex G. They even have a behind the scenes video.

This is a really fun high-energy medley thanks to FreddeGredde. Together they seem to energize each other and it’s fantastic to watch. Check out their part two here.

While Eric Thayne plays the piano, Ashley Hess sings her heart out with this very beautiful and emotional medley. The slow deep music is paired with a fun Disneyland video montage.

This is a gorgeous medley by the Disney Medley by the Summit Singers, from The University of St. Thomas. Not only does it sound amazing but the choreography of their movements is done well.

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget.”
~Walt Disney~

Let me know in the comments your favourite Disney song of all time!

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