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Adan Meza is a Chicago-based musician with academic history.

Introduction To Adan Meza

As a proud Latin, Chicago native, and pre-service teacher, he didn’t start as a musician.

“I didn’t consider myself a musician” he explained. Although he was friends with many musicians growing up, it never quite stuck with him. Until one day, it did.

Adan is a relatively new musician. Adan began as a musician about 2-3 years ago. It wasn’t until 2015, that he started creating music. Starting his music career 2 – 3 years ago, he’s gained online traction with the band “Almost There But Not Really” between 2017. He’s shined as their bassist.

Recently, he left them to focus on his projects. He learned more about himself and more about the art of music itself.

Adan M. Music Key Projects to Date

Current projects that he’s working on include continuing his studies at the University of Illinois Chicago, as well as teaching bass to music students. As a bassist teacher, he’s bringing a lot of experience and expertise to the next generation of musicians.

Though Simbi, he’s teaching people from all around the world with topics including proper playing technique, the names of notes on the fretboard, practicing short basslines and finally digging into the scales.  Using Ariane Cap’s Music Theory for the bass player as a base, he brings his expertise and simple music theory to each of his lessons. One of those lessons is even available on switching styles. One of these lessons is published right here on Switching Styles!

As a bassist, he considers it an important part of any song. There is a difference between the guitar and the bass. For the rhythm of a song, “bass and drums are so monumental.”

Adan Meza’s Academic Journey

Bass lessons aren’t the only thing that Meza does with his time. Meza brings forth his experience and his heritage into all his projects. He has quite a range of experience beyond that of a musician with experience as a debate coach at Chicago public schools, a volunteer assistant at neighbourhood schools program at the University of Chicago and a graduate student that studied international studies at the University of Chicago.

He’s also a graduate student at the University of Illinois Chicago and the college of liberal arts and sciences. He currently has his B.A. in international studies from the University of Chicago and MAT history program with an expected completion of fall 2021.

“I grew up on the southwest side of Chicago and attended Chicago public schools before studying at the University of Chicago. I saw history as a way to explore my cultural roots as a Mexican American and now I hope to use it as a tool for advocacy. My love for teaching developed during my time in the neighbourhood schools’ program where I tutored primary school students,” Adan Meza explains in a bio.

“In 2015, I became the debate coach and head tutor at king college prep before going abroad on a Fulbright in 2017. Before starting my mat program in the fall of 2019, I finished working as a student advocate at Malcolm x college under gear up. I am now sponsored by growing your own Illinois which helps students of colour become students in high need areas. I hope to teach in a public school back in my neighbourhood, so I can contribute back to my community.” continues a bio from the university.

Final Thoughts; What’s Next for Adan Meza?

Keep up to date on his upcoming projects via his online presence on LinkedIn, or Simbi.

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