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Flakron Rexha. You’ve heard his remixes when Switching Styles showcased our article on “Snake Jazz“, now let’s showcase some more of his hip hop beats. 

These chill beats are just a few highlights of his work. With nearly 25 thousand subscribers and over 3 million views, Flakron has created quite an audience on YouTube.

YouTube has provided a great platform for sharing his beats and music with his audience. The internet has given a huge opportunity for him to not only share his music but learn new things about creating music itself.

His only complaint is the strict rules that seem to be getting Stricter in terms of the copyright, which is a concern for many online artists.

“It’s both good and bad that [copyright] exists,” Flakron explains, “It’s good that it exists because it protects the original owners. But they have made it very strict, and if that continues, I wouldn’t be able to do this interview just because it wouldn’t be possible for me to upload Snake Jazz which is sampled.”

Although his music career began in 2012, he started making beats when he was only 10 years old. Listening to the beats from other musicians, he knew that’s something he wanted to do. With inspiration from several artists, he gained an ear for what sounds good.

Primarily my musical influence comes from the 90s and early 00′ old school rap, like Rakim, Big L, Cormega, Gang Starr, Masta Ace, DMX, Eminem. My producer influences are Scott Storch, Dr. Dre and Apollo Brown”, he said. 

His beats and sound are both rather diverse, “It’s very varied. I don’t have a human voice over my music which must be compensated for. Therefore, the beat can’t be a simple loop. Instead, I try to make a “journey”,” he explains. 

Over a decade, Flakron has been creating music and beats for a range of occasions. Though in the following decade, his music is more as a hobby and not quite a music career. He doesn’t see himself in the music industry making a living off of his beats but it won’t stop him from putting out his works for fun.

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