Featuring I Am Justice; Your Favorite Death Note Inspired Band

I Am Justice

Bringing you covers with an anime flair is the band I Am Justice. For those that are anime fans, yes, their band name is inspired by Death Note.

“My original artist name is The Kira Justice and it’s still my artist name in Brazil. The Kira Justice is a direct reference to the Anime Death Note. However going by the same artist name in different languages was often confusing, so I decided to have separate artist names for different languages. I Am Justice was the alternative for our artists’ name back when we were still a band. It’s also a reference to the same anime, and it sounds just as good as the other name, if not better,” explains the band.

This band’s style is a rather soft combination of pop and rock. Their unique style is shown beautifully through their original songs “We Will Be Heroes”, “Tale of The 7 Seas”, and “Executioner’s Song”.

“While Rock is my favourite style by far, I’m constantly trying to learn from every song I hear, no matter what style,” they explain “It’s a blend of pop and rock, with heavy influences from 2000’s bands. I enjoy intensity”.

They’ve created quite a fanbase through their music. Joining YouTube in June of 2011, their channel has gained over 9,624,909 views. Those views continue to their Spotify account where they have nearly 600 monthly listeners.

“Covers are a great way to help people – especially those who don’t know you too well yet – get a glimpse of what you’re about,” he explains.

Highlighted Covers by I Am Justice

Here are some of their top covers highlighted by Switching Styles for your listening pleasure! Check them out on Spotify.

“Unravel” From Tokyo Ghoul

“The World” From Death Note

“Snow Fairy” From Fairy Tail

“Hello, Hello, Hello” From One Punch Man

“Netsujou No Spectrum” From The Seven Deadly Sins

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