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Are you looking for a new tune to vibe to? Let Switching Styles show you the synth soul sounds of Otis Stacks.

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Otis Stacks’ music is something else entirely. It’s certainly not something you’d expect – vintage synth soul with some hip-hop beats.

Although the name of the band sounds like a single fellow, it’s a team. Otis Stacks is a collaboration between JustMike also known as Micheal Munch, a Danish producer from Copenhagen, as well As Elias Wallace, a singer/songwriter/emcee from Los Angeles, California. Their talents combine into something completely different.

Otis Stacks

The Story Behind the Sound

Few bands tell you exactly who they are. Otis Stacks isn’t the name of the singer, the musician, the producer or really anyone involved in the band. It’s a reference to the soul musician, Otis Redding.

Redding is a famous singer, considered to be one of the greatest singers in American history. Take a listen to a few of his songs and you’ll know why he was nicknamed the king of soul. He’s known for famous songs like “Try A Little Tenderness,” “These Arms Of Mine” and “Cigarettes And Coffee.”

The second name? Well, that’s a bit more of an obscure reference. Stacks is an intentional misspelling of the Memphis label Stax. This was done intentionally to give a nod to the legendary label in which Redding recorded both “The Dock Of The Bay” and “Respect.”

They explain their sound as, “using vintage synthesizers and Rhodes keyboards, munch has created a soulful soundscape for Wallace’s songs about loss, reconciliation, and the universe of space that people who love each other often find between them”.

Song Suggestions from Otis Stacks

This band has some amazing songs that go great on a chilling or studying playlist. Check Otis Stacks out on YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer

Final Thoughts

Otis Stacks has lyrics that slap. Their songs all have a fantastic vibe combining hip hop and soul for something completely bumping. From, “walking through the city with no cares /  walking down the beach to slow stares / top floor elevator no stairs / but I’m not at home and it’s not fair “ to “I’m / and I kinda hate myself for / even being in this place”, there are written words that his audience relates to.

These lyrics slap. What more can you want?

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