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Quaalude Beats

Quaaludes Beats is a German music producer and creator of amazingly energetic beats. Taking his stage name from a drug within Leonardo DiCaprio “The Wolf of Wallstreet” (2013), he continues to provide the same trippy effects.

He explains in an interview with Switching Styles, “Quaalude is the brand name of methaqualone, a sleeping pill from the 60’s-70’s. The funny thing about it is when you take it and resist sleeping for like 10 minutes after it acts you get a really hard trip. In the 80s they stopped producing these pills because of the abuse”.

Drawing inspiration from Linkin Park, Rammstein or Slipknot as well as rap and electronica genres. His music is similar as he brings the influence of deep and dark vibes as well as smooth jazz styles to an overall dynamic sound.

“When I look back I would say that I always loved, ‘in your face’ sound but also respected quieter stuff like classic, jazz or pop. So my most influence is my love to music,” he said.

His music is fantastically versatile. Below are a few of Switching Styles’s favourite beats from Quaaludes Beats.

Starting off with an upbeat and sunshine tune, this beat is sweet and uplifting. It’s almost impossible not to feel this melody move through you.

Graveyard is true to it’s name; dark and foreboding. It combines the energetic nature of the other beats produced by Quaaludes Beats but with a sinister undertone.

This one is a really intriguing song. It’s subtle almost to the point of hesitation but smooth enough to transition from beat to beat. The listener holds on to each and every beat throughout the song, from start to finish.

Distance by Quaaludes beats is high energy with a hip hop and electronica feel to it. This is without a down a beat to dance to!

Soul sounds exactly as the title would suggest. It’s smooth and subtle with a steady beat allowing the music to flow through you sweetly and easily.

Let me know what your favorite is in the comments below!!

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