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I’m Thadudette, a super nerdy parody artist on YouTube who loves music, writing, Disney, anime, video games, and making people laugh! As dorky as my creations are, I make them because I feel that I’ve been so blessed by God that I just have to share that blessing with someone in the form of laughter. It may not be everyone’s sense of humour, but if it makes even one person laugh, I’d say it’s all worth it!

Her Patreon introduction

Introducing Thadudette

Thaddie parodies, otherwise known as Thadudette is a parody artist that creates music to make people laugh or “make people emit hahas out of their chew holes”.

“Honestly, “Thadudette” is the name of my first Maple Story character because my brother’s character was “ThaDude.” I’m not very creative with names, so it’s kind of just stuck as my go-to username since then. 😛 “Thaddie” is just a cute, easy nickname that my friends came up with,” she explains.

She’s known best for her literal parodies where the lyrics are literally narrating exactly what is happening on the screen. It’s a hilarious and unique take on covers.

She’s gained quite a following throughout her musical career even getting an entry in Urban Dictionary. The top definition for Thadudette is “tHe BeSt YoUtUbEr OuT tHeRe”.

Thadudette Parodies

Here are some of her fantastically hilarious parodies!

“Shiny Pokémon” A Parody Of “Shiny” From Disney’s Moana (2016)

“Into the Unknown” Literal Parody Of “Into the Unknown” From Disney’s Frozen 2 (2019)

“Go the Distance” Literal Parody Of “Into the Unknown” From Disney’s Hercules (1997)

“When Can I See You Again?” A Slow Cover Originally By Owl City

“Princess Kylo Ren” Feat Aaron Camacho Disney Song Medley from The Last Jedi

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