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With Ether Band

With Ether is made up of two amazing musicians. Simon Leong and Alasdair Poon are an Acoustic Guitar Duo that specializes in Guitar music, Covers, Originals themed around video games, anime, and pop culture.

“In Japanese Role-Playing video games, Ether is an item commonly used to restore the player’s life force; in 2009, we formed with a mission statement to create music with that same healing quality,” they explain the inspiration for their namesake in their website.

With Ether Band

They’ve received 8,678,531 views on their YouTube Channel since Feb 26, 2011. Their instrumental music is amazing to say the very least. With skillful and intricate guitar duet arrangements of music, they have gained revered praise from composers such as Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Noriyuki Iwadare (Grandia) as well as being featured by Capcom Unity.

Meeting in 2008, Simon and Al discovered their kindred musical spirits. Two years later, they would take the step to start their guitar duo under the name With Ether to commemorate their shared passion for video games and popular media.

With Ether Originals

They also have their original work that is fantastic to listen to. With Simon living in his hometown in Thailand and Al continuing to live in the UK, it’s been interesting for them to continue making music as a team. With the help of split-screen videos and online music production, they’re able to bring their musical talent to the rest of the world. Here are a few examples of their original music for your listening pleasure.


“Two Steps Away” by Alasdair Poon, performed and recorded by Simon Leong and Alasdair Poon


“In One Hour” by Alasdair Poon and Simon Leong, Video vignette by Stephanie Leong.


“The Ebb and Flow” Original Acoustic Instrumental, Written and performed by Simon Leong and Alasdair Poon



Highlighted Covers

Switching styles is here for the music quality in general and more specifically for their covers. Simon and Al bring their passion not only for music but for the artistic content of video games and popular media. Combined, this passion makes for some amazing covers.

“With only two guitars, it’s not possible to replicate the magnitude and scope of these huge orchestral arrangements, so it’s important to take advantage of the unique aspects and physicality of the guitar to give the arrangements its own twist, rather than be married to the idea of sounding just like the original,” When asked about creating covers, Al Poon explains that, “You want to be faithful to the original, but you want to create something people will want to listen to based on its own merits as well”.

Acoustic Guitar Cover of Silent Hill Medley” Originally Composed by Akira Yamaoka



“Toss A Coin to Your Witcher” by With Ether Originally by Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli, Joey Batey, Marcin Przybylowicz and Percival.



“Metal Gear Solid” by With Ether Originally Composed by Tappi Iwase and Harry Gregson-Williams.



“Mortal Kombat Theme” Music Originally by Techno Syndrome



“Pokémon Medley” Acoustic Guitar Cover by With Ether, originally by Pokémon



Keep an eye out for more of their amazing content by following both Switching Styles and With Ether on social media.

“We always have new projects on the way, but we don’t want to spoil any surprises. You’ll just have to visit our channel, subscribe, stay tuned, and stay ethereal!” hints Poon.


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