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We first introduced GameboyJones in the Rick and Morty article with his collaboration with NoneLikeJoshua, “The Schwiftiest Rick and Morty Rap”. I reached out to GameboyJones, otherwise known as Austin Jones, for an interview and had the joy of asking him a few questions about his career and his music.

Introducing GameboyJones

Austin Jones is a musician based in Kent, Ohio. Starting his music career on YouTube in 2016, he’s quickly made a name for himself as a rapper in a rather nerdy genre. Ever wanted to hear a rap about My Hero Academia, or Black Panther, or Star Wars, or Cup Head? Geeky and nerdy raps are right up his alley.

“I’ve been interested in rapping, but I 100% lean towards my geeky side. So I thought it was a good way to get started, and I thought it would pop,” Jones explains.

On SoundCloud, his about section reads, “You Like Rapping And Geek S*it? Follow Me Subscribe To Me And Like My Page! You Won’t Be Disappointed!”

And he’s completely correct, you won’t be disappointed. His passion for music and geeky fandoms shows. This you can check out for yourself on his YouTube channel. His rapping style and writing have been influenced by the music of Lupe Fiasco, XV, Childish Gambino, and Pac Div. Jones combines these influences with his geeky side to create a sound all his own.


When he starts writing and creating, he looks at what’s relevant at the time in media and in geekdom in general. With that in mind, it’s important to him to stay true to himself and what he likes. It’s all about balance.

“I more so started doing all original work now but I always stay true to me. I just want to grow as an artist so I can deliver everything better,” Jones said, “And the way I make a balance in my art is to just always make it my own style. I’m more of a raw rapper at the end of the day but I’m trying to expand.”

The Internet’s Geek Rapper

He’s a major geek so a lot of his music is true to his geeky side. Asking him about his favourite geek fandoms was very much opening a can of worms, as he describes. “I’m an all-around geek so I like anime, gaming, and comics. But some favourites would be Yu Yu Hakusho (Anime), Battletoads (Gaming), a lot of Marvel stuff! I’m all over the place, just listen to a cover and you’ll see I hit a large array of topics”

One of his favourite projects is #geekcypher, which is a hashtag used to encourage other musicians to create their own geeky raps. As people get tagged and then tag others with the hashtag more and more people are participating. This hashtag got quite a lot of community notice and involvement. There are a lot of people sharing the hashtags with their own videos such as Dreannn M, Adam Purski, and FabvL. There are countless more #geekcypher videos on YouYube, and way too many to post them here.

Youtube Collaborations with Gameboyjones

As far as collaborations go, the collaboration with NoneLikeJoshua was a couple of firsts for Jones. “It was fun; It was one of the first times I got to rap back and forth with someone so that was great to do. It was also my first rapping on electric/dubstep.”

Then when it comes to collaborating with other artists, there’s a consideration to who he chooses. “When I collaborate, I always have to see who I think who will fit the best on a song,” He explains. For this Rick and Morty rap, when NoneLikeJoshua brought him into the song, Jones knew it would be a perfect fit.

Though this isn’t the only collaboration between Jones and other artists. He’s collaborated with DefmatchNemRaps, and Lollia. He’s also participated in large collaborations with over ten other artists such as Horror Characters Cypher, and Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog Rap. 

“Collaborations are more footwork and time management but I love working with people more than by myself, and it has also has allowed me to learn and grow more. I do want to make more solo work in case I start doing shows though”

Collaborations are going to continue to happen within the future, Jones relates, “I plan to literally collab with every notable nerdcore artist on YouTube. The big two I’m shooting for in 2018 are Dan Bull and JT Music.”

In the coming years, Jones has his sights set on bigger and better, “Hopefully I’m successful in the entertainment industry and I mean that more than just music or internet fame. I think this is just my foot in the door.”

GameboyJones Musical Highlights

Here is a taste of some of his music below.

Black Panther Rap

Avengers: Infinity War Rap Battle

The Mass Effect Rap

Goosebumps (Geek Edition)

Switch it up


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