Get Ready to Spookify Your Soundtrack with Spooky Songs!

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The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and pumpkins are grinning with mischievous glee. It can only mean one thing – Halloween is just around the corner! And what better way to get into the spine-tingling spirit of this hauntingly delightful holiday than by curating the perfect Halloween playlist?

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Whether you’re hosting a fang-tastic costume party, embarking on a moonlit drive through the haunted woods, or just savouring the eerie ambiance from the comfort of your home, the right tunes can elevate your Halloween experience to a whole new level. This year, we’ve got you covered with a wickedly enchanting selection of songs that will send shivers down your spine.

Spooky Soundtracks

Are you ready to embrace the eerie and embrace the spooky? Let’s get started!

“Don’t Go In – Epic Intense Horror Music Mix | Dark Modern Hybrid Horror Sound Design” By Horror Music World

“This Is Halloween” Metal Cover By Lyric Noel

Red Flags” By Tom Cardy With Montaigne

Bendy And The Ink Machine Song: “Horror Show” (CG5 Remix) Batim Music Video” By Jaze Cinema

Luigi’s Mansion Party Spooky Dance | Song By Qumu And Music Video By Sayman

“The Cranberries – Zombie (Horror/Cyberpunk Cover)” By Melodicka Bros

“The Phantom Of The Opera – Prague Cello Quartet” Orchestra Cover By Prague Cello Quartet

“Bad Romance” Lady Gaga Bardcore Medieval Style Cover By Hildegard Von Blingin’

Halloween Theme” Originally By John Carpenter Metal Cover By Orbit Culture Official

”Fly Me To The Moon” Epic Cover By Oskura

Which of these tunes are you adding to your Halloween playlist?

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