Bday Parodies; Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovich!!

Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovich!

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Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovich!!

October 23rd, 1959, the parody legend was born. 61 years ago Weird Al was brought into this world. Since then he’s survived 61 rotations around the sun in this crazy world of ours. Give a round of applause for him and to his 61 more years of parody music mastery.

But this is also a chance to give a round of applause for those special people in your life that have also survived another trip around the sun. Here’s a collection of “Happy Birthday” Parodies. Make sure to bookmark this article for the next sweet 16 on your calendar.

Happy Birthday Parody Songs

Of course, we’re going to be starting with Weird Al’s very own “Happy Birthday!” parody. It’s damn pessimistic about the world’s future but I guess that’s the common theme of these parodies.

Here are a bunch of happy birthday parody songs to celebrate along with Weird Al. Make sure to send your favourite one to your favourite birthday party.

If there’s a child in your life that is obsessed with The Minions, then this is the birthday song for you. It’s high energy, brightly coloured, and keeps on dancing just like the minions.

Bring on the pessimism about not only getting older but the song ‘Happy Birthday’ in general. The arrogant worms have brought a rather dark and frankly angry version of this celebration song.

Taking different syllables, sounds and words from Trump, America’s president, Steven Sayer creates a version of “Happy Birthday” that we won’t soon forget.

And here’s one for the mom’s reading, here is a version just for you by Chelsea McMillen. Do remember that you’re special to each and every one of your kids! For the kids reading, tell your parents you love ’em.

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