Haunting Horror Medleys for spooky events and seasons

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Remember when we discussed Disney Medleys? This is the same style but a whole new genre.

Instead of princesses and princes, there’s murder and mayhem and monsters. Instead of birds singing about dreams and hopes and other birds, these medleys are made to make your skin crawl.

Horror movie theme songs can be as popular as their movies. Many of these medleys deal with the classics containing that exact soundtrack. The classics such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Ring, The Grudge, Dead Silence, The Exorcist, and the like are a rather classical kind of horror. These are songs that are very well-known by themselves.

Here are a few medleys not about the delightful dreams of Disney but the haunting howls of horror.

Monica Lyrae’s vocals are simply beautiful and haunting. She creates an eerie and gorgeous medley combining the horror music of Dies Irae, The Exorcist, Halloween, X Files, and The Sixth Sense.


Franz Ventura provides a petrifying horror medley with the themes of Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Stranger Things, The Exorcist, The X-Files, Jaws, and The Walking Dead.


Kyle Biba, Zack Uidl and Jeff Treadwell combine musical talents with a fantastic black-and-white Jekyll and Hyde video. The medley contains the chilling themes of Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Dead Silence, Suspiria, Saw, Exorcist, Psycho, and Phantasm.


Rhaeide creates a spine-tingling medley with his piano. This is only part one of three fantastic medleys with a creepy combination of Dracula, Halloween, Cape Fear, Aliens, The Grudge, Jaws, and Dead Alive. Check out Part 2 and Part 3.


This is a majestic (yes, majestic) medley. Dylan Taylor and his drums beautifully combine the themes of Exorcist, Saw, and Halloween.


Simon Leong & Al Poon, With Ether, cover the themes of Dead Silence, One Missed Call, The Exorcist, Halloween, and Saw in a haunting acoustic guitar medley. It’s haunting and creepy, but in a way, it’s pretty serene.


Paul Farrer and Bryce Goertzen create a metal guitar medley completely contrasting with the one above them. This medley is haunting with an energetic tempo like a heartbeat during a horror flick. This medley combines the music of Saw, Exorcist, Halloween, 28 Days Later, X-Files, Solo, Candyman, Solo 2, The Ring, and Silent Hill into one metal medley.


Thanks to Liam Seagrave, we have this ghostly medley, a piano medley of themes from Japanese horror movies and Japanese-inspired horror movies. One Missed Call, The Ring and The Grudge combine to create a rather haunting piano medley that’s as serene and sinister as the grave.



Let me know your favourite medleys in the comments below!!
Happy Halloween, Everyone!!!!

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