Heavy Metal Heroes; The Superheroes You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favourite superheroes started a heavy metal cover band? Hint: the answer is Heavy Metal Heroes.

You no longer have to wonder. Heavy Metal Heroes have heard the cries from hypotheticals on the internet and from within your imagination. From the depths of the internet, of the expansive wonder that is the Youtube universe, comes a band unlike any other. This band has been born from a combination of superheroes and metal music to cover your favourite songs.


Introducing These Metal Superheroes

They describe themselves as, “A band of superheroes playing hard rock covers of your favourite songs. Saving one song at a time.” And of course, Deadpool is the lead singer.

Included in the band is Wolverine, Captain America, Spiderman, Deadpool, Iron Man, and weirdly enough Batman. Batman isn’t Marvel like the rest of his bandmates, and they are very well aware. During the music video covering “Break up with your girlfriend” originally by Ariana Grande, he even sports a t-shirt saying, “I know I’m not Marvel”, which is beautifully meta. They do have other characters from the DC universe come into their music videos to add a bit of mystery and playful fourth wall breaking.

Heavy Metal Heroes Music

I’ve compiled several of their awesome covers below. Including one with a music video that is biasedly, my favourite. Mainly because I adore Deadpool’s sassy attitude in all of it’s forms.

“Baby One More Time” originally by Britney Spears is decidedly my favourite. Deadpool dressed up as a schoolgirl, for some reason, just seems to fit both stylistically and for his personality.

“It’s Gonna Be May” originally by NSYNC

“Break Up With Your Girlfriend” originally by Ariana Grande. You can even see the behind the scenes of the music video, which is pretty majestic.

Although it’s not Christmas (and Christmas music before the holidays is a bit of a bummer), here’s “All I want for Christmas” Originally by Mariah Carey. It’s complete with Deadpool attitude and holiday cheer.

“The New Year’s Anthem” Originally by Auld Lang Syne

And we’re finishing this list strong with “Livin’ La Vida Loca” Originally by Ricky Martin

Tell me what you think of these metal superheroes in the comments below!!!

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  1. I love their videos! As talented of a band as they are I can’t help but wonder, over million views bit only 50k subscribers, why not have a go at making their own music? Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely a Marvel addict and I think them doing this as a side project would be rad, but I would love to see them on tour selling out venues.

  2. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for the rad comment!

    Heavy Metal Heroes would certainly have amazing live shows. Something about a superhero on the drums is a dream.

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