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How can you support Switching Styles? Well, actually there are a lot of ways that are rather simple!!


Start by reading. It’s simple but the more people that read Switching Styles, the more there is to go around. Plus it’s a nice ego boost for me to know that people enjoy what I’m putting out there.

There are countless articles on Switching Styles like Rubber Chicken Covers, an interview with GameBoyJones, several articles on Supernatural, and weirdly enough some academic research. Check them out!


Then following me on whatever platform you really really enjoy, or all of them if you’re really enthusiastic. This lets you get the updates right away whenever they happen.

I’ve listed them below so you have no excuse to avoid following Switching Styles!!


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If you like what you read, share it with your friends on the above mentioned social media accounts, or print it out, make it into paper airplanes and throw it at your loved ones.


Have some extra change, and want to spend it on this blog? That would be amazingly helpful. I just happen to have a Patreon account set up for just that purpose!

Switching Styles is now on Patreon to not only support the publication but to bring awareness to the amazing arts throughout the world!! We are among several other writers, musicians, artists, and creators that are using Patreon to continue our craft.

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