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Hug your Hound Day Playlist!

Hug your hound for physical, mental and emotional benefits plus a list of music perfect for Hug your hound day!

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Did you know that hugging your pets can help decrease stress, increase, and improve your overall well-being? Here are some facts to back that up the benefits of regularly giving a hug to your hound.

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Dogs are one of the most popular pets throughout the world

If you’re hugging your pet, chances are it’s going to be a dog. These adorable animals make great companions, but that’s not all. They’ve been trained as protectors, farmers, herders, babysitters, guards, security, and overall helpers.

Hound hugs a day can Improve Your Physical Health

hugging your pet has many benefits to your health, including physical. As both Humans and dogs are social creatures, they both innate craving for physical touch. When you cuddle, hug, or pet your dog, your brain produced Oxytocin. This is also known as the “love hormone” typically associated with feelings of trust and bond formation. Oxytocin itself can also limit cortisol production. cortisol is known as the “stress hormone” which can impact weight gain, and reduce immune function, among other health issues. More than that, cuddling with your pet can lower your heart rate, and decrease your blood pressure! That’s an easy way to lower your heart rate and lower your blood pressure!

Hugging your hound Helps to Relieve Anxiety Depression and other mental health issues

Beyond oxytocin, hugging your pet regularly also stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These both relieve depression, and stress, and elevate your mood. Many folks have contact with their pets to combat panic and anxiety attacks. Spending a few minutes every day cuddling with your dog (or most other pets for that matter) helps you maintain a positive mental attitude and improve mental health.

Cuddling with your fuzzy cutie can help with your pet’s health.

Having regular contact with your pet can help you keep track of their health.  You’ll notice right away if something is wrong or out of the ordinary. While petting your furry friend, you may notice any new lumps, smells, sensitive areas or tender spots. This is a great way to catch an injury or illness before it becomes more serious. Cuddle your pet for their health too.

Hugging your hound helps with their jealousy

study at UCSD claims that your dog can genuinely get jealous. When they see you cuddle another dog or display affection, they can get jealous of your love! Hugging them regularly reminds them that they’re important to you.

Remember that your dog has preferences too!

Each dog has different needs when it comes to contact. Make sure that the cuddles you’re giving are ones they want to get. Look for signs that they don’t enjoy the hugs or cuddles such as getting stuck, signs of anxiety, avoiding eye contact, whining, barking, yawning, ears down and back, Squirming or trying to get away, which are all signs that they want their space. If your dog doesn’t care for hugs, try belly rubs, or back scratches or just a hand on their head instead.

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Dog Themed Music

Of course, we’ve got some four-legged-themed music to listen to while giving your pooch a smooch.

Cuppy ~ Lo-fi Hip Hop Mix by Fear dog

You’ve Got a Friend in Me Fingerstyle Guitar cover by Acoustic Trench

Chasing Butterflies by Frankly Speaking

Good Dogs by Jameson Rodgers

Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille

Which song reminds you of your perfect pooch? Let us know in the comments below or on your favourite social media platforms!

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