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Although this is a serious pandemic, there is a place for humour in keeping our spirits up. That’s what people do in a time of high stress. There are so many Covid-19 parodies, way more than I thought there would be. I am continuously impressed with the music community and their responses to the crisis. There’s humour, support, information, and sharing. It’s a great community!!

Many of us are quarantined or self-isolating because of Covid-19. Here are some rather contagious parodies to bring a chuckle to your ears. So stay inside and enjoy these tunes!

Coming from Disney’s Ariel is a cover of “Under the Sea” from Mark O’Dea. This is a great parody that builds on Ariel’s desire to break free from her surroundings on the ocean to compare to the desire of almost everyone to escape from their quarantine. But as Sebastian explains, self-isolation is the best way to stop the spread of Covid-19. It’s boring but it’s safe.


Chris Mann parodies Adele’s “Hello” by the title, “Hello (from the Inside)”. Let’s just start with the fact that this is extremely relatable for all those currently at home with a stay home order. There are many activities that we’ve taken for granted; socializing, eating out, conversations.

This is such a serious and emotional song to start with and adding in a serious topic within a parody. There isn’t a lot of sarcasm or exaggeration in the parody. This is beyond relatable but more so it’s hilarious.

Did I mention that Chris Mann has multiple parodies for Covid-19 such as “My Corona”, “Stay Home Vogue”, and “Thank you Frontline”.


Brent McCollough, Alex Kilroy, and Adrian Laird bring you “Staying Inside” originally “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees because staying inside means staying alive for everyone.

As you’re checking out these videos(or scrolling through any online website), you may notice that there are pop-ups for the latest information on Covid-19. Make sure you stay informed, from the best sources possible!


For those who love musicals, specifically Wicked, here’s your shout out thanks to Natalie Nightingale.  She covers “Defying Gravity” from Wicked to discuss quarantine. There’s a lot of struggles with quarantine and isolation but there’s a reason for it as Natalie describes. It’s about keeping people safe.

Natalie explains, “In this time of lockdown and being unable to do any of my usual work as a performer, I’ve turned to creating daft parodies as a creative outlet and as a way to hopefully still connect with people and entertain!”

Notice a theme? Don’t try to defy quarantine. Just stay home.


“Damn Quarantine” by Dawson Fuss is how quite a lot of us are feeling about the Corona Virus. Parodying “Sweet Caroline”, Dawson brings forward the point that quarantine is boring resulting in people getting stir crazy with cabin fever.

There are ways to combat this like creating parody songs or reading about parody songs (Hint hint).


Send me your favorite Corona parodies to @StyleSwitching on Twitter. Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Sane!

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