Interviewing Jade Ireland About Cooking and Music

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Many folks combine music and cooking or baking. Jade Ireland is one of those types of people. This article delves deep into the relationship between music and cooking or baking.

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Jade Ireland is a fun-loving person who enjoys everything to do with the kitchen. Most importantly, she loves to cook, bake, and create culinary artwork. Some of her main focuses include Sustainable Life, cooking for Diabetics, Permaculture, and Clean Food.

Jade Ireland Q&A 

Switching Styles has contacted Jade to discuss how music combines with her culinary passions. Below is an interview with Jade and some of Jade’s go-to cooking music.

How did you get started in cooking?

I got started with my grandmother. Every school holiday, we were in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Every event in our lives revolves around foods of some kind.

What were some of the memorable events and meals from your childhood?

Every Sunday night, we went to my grandmother’s house for dinner. The smells and the warmth of her house are the things I remember.

What is one of your favourite recipes to cook?

I find this to be very hard. What’s the setting? Who is it for? What type of food do the people you cook for like? I love to cook with an Asian twist, but nothing beats a choc chip cookie I make every Sunday and give to them the people I love. I find they make Mondays better.

 What’s one of your favourite Asian-inspired recipes?

Sushi bowls love them so easy and quick

What’s the secret to a good chocolate cookie recipe?

 Your grandmother would never tell you this, but it’s the love they put into it. (And the type of butter, salted)

Why is cooking a vital skill to learn?

We all have to eat to survive. Why not have some fun with it? The more you work at this, the better you get and the more you learn. I love that it’s a skill I will be forever learning.

What advice do you have for people wanting to learn to cook?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Time and practice are the things that are needed. Start with a dish you love to eat.

Right now, why is cooking with what you have so important?

The world is changing, so much waste is a huge issue at this point. I do believe that if this skill were handed down just like it used to be, waste wouldn’t be such a problem. Scrappy cooking is a thing.

What’s the biggest concern that people have when learning to cook?

That they won’t cook the items right, or they are afraid of the knives and the skills of using them.

What are some tips for people that are nervous about cooking?

Keep using the knives. The more you use them, the better off you are, and your skills will improve. Keep cooking, you may burn the items for the first few times, and you know what? That’s more than ok.

I have been in the industry for over a decade. I, too, still get it wrong sometimes; I use it as a learning opportunity.

Why does it help you to have music while you cook?

I find it helps me to focus. Every kitchen I have ever worked in there has always been music. Kitchens are a loud environment—all the slicing and dicing.

The music also makes the time fun, with all the singing and dancing that happens.

What songs are on your playlist while you work?

At this point, I find myself putting on a lot of Viking tunes, the amazing artist Peyton Parrish. In saying this, I have been making a lot heartier meals as we are coming out of winter where I am.

Does the playlist change depending on what you’re cooking?

100% it does. I go from Viking to Disney.

What recipes do you cook with Viking music versus listening to Disney music?

Winter and hearty foods are for the Viking music. Whereas I find Disney is light and summery, so more salads and fruits

What are your favourite Disney movie soundtracks?

I’m an old-school Disney fan, but I have a list of all the tracks, and I just hit shuffle. Whatever comes on, you just let it go.

Sharing Jade Irelands Cooking Music

You read it right here! Viking folk music and Disney tunes are Jade’s go-to when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Of course, we’ve got several examples to add to your very own cooking playlist!

Jade Ireland Pick: “My Mother Told Me” Old Norse Viking Chant By Peyton Parrish

“Ó Valhalla” By Skáld

“If I Had A Heart” Norse Version) By Colm McGuinness Music

“Go The Distance” From Hercules by Peyton Parrish

My Mother Told Me” By  Adam Chance And The Hound + The Fox

“Lava” By Bowcut Productions

“Arabian Nights” By Lydia the Bard

“Part Of Your World” By Ms. Chloe Dichoso

“I Won’t Say I’m In Love” By Thomas Sanders

“Beauty And The Beast” By Lindsey Stirling

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Which of these songs are you adding to your Spotify list? Let us know in the comments below!

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