Interviewing Miche Fambro

Miche Fambro

Miche Fambro is folk, jazz and Latin blend musician with a specific sound that’s hard to pin down. Like a chameleon, he fuses several elements of different genres into his sound. Elements of classical, folk, jazz, pop and soul all combine into the musical styles of Miche Fambro.

Let’s start off with an example of his music just so you see what I mean. Here’s his original song, “A Good Guy Waiting For A Bad Girl To Happen”. It’s an energetic song with a dynamic melody and a tapping good beat.

Hybrid Jazz describes Fambro as a completely unique musician, “It’s difficult to explain because there is NO one like him!  He’s a consummate guitarist/vocalist. He’s a unique songwriter who is both whimsical and sentimental, funny and tragic, hilarious/delirious.”

“The Very Beginning: I was basically a nerd. It was something to do around the house,” Fambro explained.

Both Fambro and his younger brother were both fascinated by music from a young age. Fambro was 13 while his younger brother was 10. His younger brother was spoiled by his grandparents. With a simple please, anything he wanted he got. At first, he got a drum set as a gift, merely because he asked. Which both of them used From there, Fambro started as a drummer using his brother’s drum set but soon fell in love with the idea of playing guitar. Their grandparents bought his brother a drum set when he asked, so Fambro got an idea.

“She wouldn’t get anything for me. I talked my brother into asking grandma for a guitar we saw in a pawn shop window. My brother soon had a guitar,” He remembered, “So I stayed with the guitar, my brother stayed with the drums.”

From there, it became more than just something to do. It was a combination of a passion for music and a passion for getting even with his grandmother. The two brothers started a neighbourhood band playing (or trying as Miche Fambro puts it) the hits of the day including Chicago, Mandrill, Kool, and the Gang, and so on. At the age of 20, Miche left to travel with a hotel band playing at Holiday Inns and the Ramada. Two years later, he found himself playing his last concert with the band in Geneseo, NY.

Between 1980 and 1991, he played in several local bands that grew in popularity within the area. Unfortunately, responsibilities clashed with the band’s chances for growth.

“As we were all becoming ‘responsible adults’, the band broke up knowing we couldn’t do the things needed to further our chances, such as relocating.”

He currently lives in Geneseo, NY, which is a “Quaint little college town, very different from my hometown of West Philadelphia.”

Here is where his love for music took a turn, as his musical awakening started with a fiery passion. Fambro started to discover himself as an artist, as a unique musician. As a left-handed musician, it was difficult for him to learn to play the guitar. Fambro tried to take guitar lessons, but they refused to teach him unless he played right-handed. Instead of conforming or worse giving up, he went home and did it his own way. Flipping the guitar around, he taught himself to play left-handed and upside down. Now he helps other left-handed musicians learn how to play without dictating how they play. “Lessons from a Leftie” fills in the gap of learning. His innovative left-hand guitar style marked him as something different from the getgo.

Now his life consists of making music and travelling to perform around the globe. Recently, he played at Internationales Gitarrenfestival Deggendorf, a Guitar Festival in Germany, with countless other international classical musicians.

“World-class,” He describes the festival, “it was such an honour to be there. I learned a lot.”

Fambro’s music is a collective style but throughout his career, his music is consistently entertaining and soulful. Below are a few examples of his cover songs showcasing his versatility in melody and voice. You can check out his music on his Youtube channel here.

“Fly Me To The Moon”

“I’m a Believer”

“Our House”

“Kaleidoscope Eyes”


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