Introducing Almost there but not really (ATBNR)

Almost There But Not Really

Almost There But Not Really is a Latinx indie group from the Southside of Chicago. With the genres of alternative Spanish rock dream pop indie rock post-punk, these Chicago local musicians showcase what it means to be musical.

They play sad, sombre and sometimes political songs complete with chimney Fender guitars, syncopated rhythms, as well as ambient trails. This Chicago-based band has a range of amazing sounds.

Releasing a collection of demos in the spring of 2021, ATBNR has persevered despite the pandemic impacting the entire world. On their Bandcamp account, they explain that “Emerging out of the pandemic is our first release, a set of our self-produced and recorded demos”.

Almost There But Not Really
DEMOS Album Art by ATBNR

Check out the Demos tracklist!

1.South Side 04:43
2.No Quick Fix 03:21
3.Alma 04:15
4.All You Keepers 04:21

All of their songs are available on Spotify. Their release isn’t the only thing that this band has persevered with. As soon as they were able to perform live, they did.

Almost There But Not Really
Almost There But Not really Band Members

During the Halloween of 2012, they performed a Halloween show at Magoos Bar and Grill alongside Death of Self, Alive Alone, Punch Club, Nikko Blue, and Sweet Hudson. With more shows coming up regularly, they’re not likely to stop providing awesome songs to their fans. Check out their upcoming shows on their Facebook page.

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