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Let’s take a look at the movies behind Pennywise Cover Songs. It’s been a year since the release of It: Chapter two completing the remake of the It Franchise. Within the It franchise, Pennywise makes a reappearance every 27 years. Granted Switching Styles is bringing you some remakes of our own choice merely a year later.

Both versions of It played by Bill Skarsgård and Tim Curry were terrifying as Pennywise the clown. Utterly terrifying. Skarsgård didn’t have much time with his co-stars for the first film as they wanted them to be more genuinely scared of Pennywise the first time they saw him.

But it’s not just the child co-stars that were scared of both the actor and the player. Bill Hader, the actor playing Richie Tozier, didn’t realize how scary Skarsgård really was. Skarsgård can actually move his eyes in two different directions. Harder once asked Skarsgård what kind of special effect it was. While in full makeup for Pennywise, Skarsgård responded with “Oh, you mean this?” and showed him. It freaked Harder out!

Granted it would freak anyone out.

Pennywise Cover Songs

To continue this terror, here are some Pennywise unoriginal. Let’s bring in more versions of Pennywise with these specific musical versions. 

“Pennywise sings a song” By Aaron Fraser-Nash, a Pennywise Parody

Slipknot’s Devil in I” By Sergey Sitnikov, a Pennywise Drum Cover


“IT Is The End” By KDrummer 16, A Pennywise Drum Cover


“Float Too” By Punyaso, Pennywise Dubstep Remix


Fear Chapter 2″ By Bdash & Konkrete, A Pennywise Dance Cover


Pennywise – Dirty Little Secret (Trap Remix) by Jmano3000


Pennywise The Dancing Clown (IT REMIX) by StarCannon Pictures


The Joker vs Pennywise By Epic Rap Battles Of History


Are you scared? We hope so! Comment below which of these pennywise segments was your favourite!


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