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KDrummer 16 is bringing you amazing drum covers, brought to a whole and creative new levels with practical and edited effects. These covers are hard, energetic, amazing and visually stunning. These visuals add to the drum covers themselves allowing them to “capture the beauty of drumming, and of course the drumming of the metal and hard rock genre.”

Switching Styles has had the pleasure of interviewing KDrummer 16 below.

How did you start in music?

I started showing interest in music and drumming back in the 3rd grade while in music class. My friends and I watched this film that focused on the drummer quite a bit, and I thought how cool it would be to play like that.

One day, my Dad came home from work with a tom drum in his hand; I was so happy to have received my first drum that I didn’t even realize there was an entire five-piece kit behind him! From there, I wanted to learn as much as I could, so my Mom enrolled me in drum lessons at our local music center.

What impact has music had on you personally?

Music has had a substantial impact on my personality. It allowed me to express who I truly was, gave me confidence during moments of doubt, and, most importantly, it relieved me of any negative emotions daily. I either put on some of my heaviest songs or went downstairs to play my heart out to help clear my mind.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never been on the internet?

My sound on my drum covers varies vastly between each video, but in general, I always play with an aggressive, ecstatic, and fun feel. I encapsulate the viewer with improvisation where it suits and always ensure my playing is as confident as it can sound.

Who are the musicians that inspire your sound?

The musicians that inspire my sound are Danny Carey of Tool, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold. Carey challenges me to play complicated fills and in odd time signatures, Bonham taught me to play loud and maintain a solid groove, and my ecstatic playing is all thanks to The Rev.

What appeal do you think covers have compared to the original songs to a general audience?

Covers really appeal to audiences because it allows musicians to show audiences how much their favorite songs can change. A drummer may decide to put a half-time feel over an upbeat feel, and it changes the entire emotion the song is trying to convey. If one really likes a song, they will find different ways to enjoy it, which always leads to covers.

Why do you perform covers of songs?

I perform cover songs because I love making videos, so it’s even better to make videos with drumming involved! My videos are drum covers at heart, but with some of them, I focus more on telling a story through the music and leaving the viewer in awe with what they saw. With what I mentioned earlier, too, I love improvising and showing people how I think the drum parts should sound in certain songs.

Which one stands out as a favourite? How come?

My favourite cover I’ve done is easily Ice Nine Kills- IT Is The End Pennywise Drum Cover. A close runner-up is either Tool- 7empest Drum Cover or The Ultimate Meme Compilation Drum cover, though.

The Pennywise cover is my favourite because it tells a story, the song is fun to play, and it was just wild being able to take the role of a killer clown doing a drum cover!

Why specifically drum covers?

The reason why I record drum covers is pretty much because drums are the only instrument I’m good at!

What’s the process of creating these covers?

The process of making my drums covers are pretty straightforward. It always starts with a unique idea for a cover; how can I do more than just a song’s cover and make it stand out on social media?

Then, I learn the song and make sure it’s ready to be recorded. Since I don’t have too many cameras, I record multiple takes of the cover to ensure I get all the camera angles I’ll be happy with.

Next, I take any unique shots where there are either a different setting I’m playing in, or cinematic shots I’d like to incorporate into the cover.

Finally, I start editing and putting all of my best takes into a cover filled with practical wonders, post-effects, and angles that will keep the viewer interested long enough to enjoy the entire video genuinely.

How has Covid-19 impacted the music industry?

Unfortunately, the music industry has been impacted by Covid-19 significantly. Artists are unable to tour; it’s more challenging to record new music, and musicians cannot meet up. The music industry is losing millions of income, and it’s up to fans to find new ways to support their favorite musicians. Fortunately, though, artists are finding creative to connect with their fans through virtual concerts, unreleased material, and live streams.

How do online platforms like YouTube or Spotify impact the music industry?

Electronic platforms such as YouTube and Spotify are incredibly beneficial to the music industry. Both allow artists to share their material conveniently with posts, connect with fans through live streams, and promote new music with teasers and other such methods of creating anticipation amongst fans. I’ve discovered many new bands and songs through the internet that I would’ve never heard if such technology didn’t exist!

What are some of your fondest memories while making music?

Some of my fondest memories while creating music have always been in a group session. I was in high school jazz and marching band, and the memories from those two bands are impeccable. Nothing is better than nailing a drum solo you’ve worked tirelessly on to perfect during a live performance, and the feeling of being on the football field after a near-flawless performance is incredible. The rhythm section in Jazz Band and the drum line in Marching Band are two close-knit groups that I am more than honored to have been part of and to call a second family.

What are some obstacles throughout your music career? And how did you overcome them?

Obstacles I have overcome throughout my musical career is remaining calm and focused during a performance. Freshmen year of high school, I was incredibly nervous during shows, and I often caught myself messing up simple rhythms due to it. But throughout my high school career, I learned to embrace that nervousness and turn it into concentration. Yes, I still get very nervous before every performance, but now I strive to put on the best possible show I possibly can by acting like it was just regular practice where my entire focus is on the music and being the base for the rest of the band.

What advice would you give to new and young musicians?

Advice to new and young musicians, it may be overused, but it’s true, don’t ever give up. When you’re trying to learn how to do a six-let, linear fill split between both the hands and feet at a tempo of 180+, it may seem impossible during your first few attempts. Still, with time, concentration, and commitment, you’ll be playing it in no time and showing it off to impress your buddies! Also, find something you love to do and stick with it. Don’t ever let it go because everyone needs a release in life, and for most musicians, music is our release, and it’s the engine that keeps us rolling.

What are your future plans?

For my future plans, I just graduated high school in the Spring of 2020, so right now is a time of crucial decisions! A few of my friends and I are currently working on forming a band, I’m getting some credits at a community college before I transfer to a university, and I’m definitely going to keep producing YouTube videos for the world to enjoy. If all goes as planned, I’m either going to end up being a drummer for a band, a roller coaster engineer, and quite possibly both!

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